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Now that we have studied some of the impacts of nonlinearities in the transmitter (modulator), it would be important to discuss the interrelationship between linearity of the transmitter, PAR of the modulated signal, and the obtained system power efficiency. In general, a signal with nonconstant (varying) amplitude complicates the transmitter design. One degree of the complexity of the transmitter design would depend on the extent by which the amplitude is varying. The extent by which the amplitude varies can be quantified by a concept known as peak-to-average ratio, or PAR. The system performance will depend on the PAR, the probability distribution function of the occurrence of the peaks, as well as the linearity of the transmitter. The linearity of the transmitter will not only be characterized by AM AM (amplitude distortion) but also by AM PM (phase) distortion.66 Of course, on the positive side, modulated signals with nonconstant envelope (which carry information in the phase as well as the amplitude of the transmitted signal) allow for much higher spectral efficiency. Note that signals with information content in the amplitude domain are not the only ones requiring linear amplification (although they are often the most demanding ones). Signals such as QPSK which carry information in the phase domain but need to be limited in bandwidth due to practical reasons also require somewhat linear amplification to avoid spectral regrowth. This is because band limiting a signal with abrupt phase transitions such as QPSK introduces variation in the envelope, thereby requiring linear amplification.67 As discussed earlier, an OFDM-modulated signal is a nonconstant-envelope signal. As a matter of fact, the OFDM signal used in 802.11a/g has a theoretical maximum PAR of approximately 17 dB. In other words, the peak voltage excursion of an 802.11a/g signal can be seven times larger
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Setting Up Media Library Sharing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 155 Accessing Media from Your Xbox 360 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 157 Accessing Media from Other Devices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 161
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CompanyName FileDescription FileType FileVersion InternalName isDebug isPatch isPrerelease isPrivate isSpecial isVer LegalCopyright OriginalFileName OS ProductName ProductVersion SubType
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Suppose you re on a fixed retirement (such as a pension or Social Security), and just need a little extra money each month. Then eBay is for you. You can create your own hours and income level. As an example, my mom s best friend, Kay, has a great retirement. However, it isn t as much as she was used to making before she retired last year. She was down about $1,000 a month. It was a piece of cake for her to make this amount each month on eBay, because she had items from her late husband that she could sell. Kay needed to sell only 100 items each month at an average sales price of $10 to bring in this extra income. Kay added $1 to $2 for each auction in handling fees, and this covered her eBay costs. So, Kay was selling 25 items each week at the $10 average and bringing in the $1,000 a month she required. Before beginning to sell on eBay, she had been bored after her retirement, but once she got started, she often e-mailed me to say, I m having so much fun!
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5.10 Permittivity of Plasma Oscillations
Applications of XBRL
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Different types of data might call for different organization. Once again, simple, logical, and natural organization should be your goal. The following shows a sample of a few different types of data and how you might choose to organize them within your Documents category: Finances 2004 2005 2006 Letters Mom M. Mom B. Grandma B. Careers Resumes Correspondence Company Research Once again, these are merely examples that can help you to decide a scheme that will work for you!
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