1: Script Development with Ease in .NET

Integrated EAN-13 in .NET 1: Script Development with Ease

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Figure 12-1
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he internal accounting information system is the primary source of marketing information in most business organizations and provides two basic types of information to management: information generated from processing of sales orders, and cost report and analyses. Profitability analysis is generated from sales data records together with product cost data. Sales data processing also includes analysis of sales trends. In addition to the accounting and marketing departments, other departments within the company may contribute to the flow of information to marketing personnel. For example, the production or engineering department may provide information relating to product quality or design that is useful to product planning or to salespeople. The economics department may provide useful analysis of the economy or of the particular field within which the firm operates. The personnel department may provide information relating to potential marketing department employees. While information from all the sources may be important, it is generally not as regular or as voluminous as the information provided by the accounting department. The information needs for marketers, in the order of importance, are shown in the survey results in Exhibit 13.1.
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int vulnerable_function(char *userinput) { char buf[64]; strcpy(buf,userinput); return 1; }
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Figure 21.10 E-UTRAN architecture
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7.1 Induced Surface Charges and Currents
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Wireless Theory
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In order to know what people are seeing on your site, you need only gaze into their eyes-and not blink. With two patents in the field of inferring mental state from patterns of eye movement, Greg Edwards founded a company that does just that. Eyetools, Inc. (www.eyetools.com) started with a head-mounted torture device that recorded eye movement (see Figure 10.4).
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Generally speaking, one can say that every parameter that exists in the network may undergo optimisation. There are numerous ways to group these parameters under different categories, for example: remotely tuneable parameters versus those which require a physical site visit; parameters that influence only locally within the cell s service area versus parameters that may impact other cells as well; RF related parameters, mostly affecting coverage and interference; traffic related parameters, mostly affecting delivery of both voice and data; hard parameters such as CPICH transmitted power level versus soft parameters such as power control parameters; static parameters which are planned according to the static behaviour of the users versus dynamic parameters which govern the dynamics of calls such as handover from cell to cell. We will, however, group them into parameter sets useful for automated optimisation. To this end, the first set of parameters is the one that directly governs inter-cell relations. Parameters within this set may be grouped into the following two categories and dealt with in sequential manner: 1. parameters that affect RF footprint, coverage and interference; 2. parameters that affect mobility between cells. 15 elaborates on these parameters. The next set of parameters that may be optimised automatically is described as follows. As wireless networks become more and more sophisticated, there are parameters that are adjusted automatically by various infrastructure controllers. For example, the order of and the allocation of scrambling codes for a specific call is done by the cell s controller, because it makes no sense to leave it to the optimisation engineer. However, this automatic setting of parameters is done in the cell only and does not take into account the inter-cell effect it may cause. The engineers thus regard these parameters per cell, but lack tools (and attention) to see their inter-cell influence. To illustrate this, let us consider the downlink power control: The controller sets the specific transmit power levels of a DCH according to: BER/BLER report from the User Equipment (UE); total transmitted power from this specific cell. However, the following aspects are not being considered: Effect on the other UEs that are served by the same cell (e.g. cell breathing); Effect on UEs served by other cells, due to the increase of interference.
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Figure 18.3 3GPP System architecture with (a) GERAN and (b) GAN. Note that only the network elements relevant for GAN are shown
The first step into the window world is accessing individual windows. Windows administers individual windows similar to processes. Each window has its individual ID, the window handle. It s just a number. You have numerous ways to find out the window handle of any window.
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