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s_binary_block_size_halfword_bigendian( XC ); s_block_start( XC ); s_string_variable( XC-QUERY-SECURITY-1 ); s_block_end( XC );
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criteria = InputBox( Search for: ) if criteria=vbEmpty then exit do index.Query = criteria limit the scope set util = CreateObject( ixsso.Util ) util.AddScopeToQuery index, _ wshshell.SpecialFolders( MyDocuments ), deep set rs = index.CreateRecordset( nonsequential ) display file names list = do until rs.EOF list = list & rs( path ) & vbCr rs.MoveNext loop MsgBox list if index.QueryTimedOut then MsgBox Your query was too complex! end if if index.QueryIncomplete then MsgBox Search result is not complete! end if if index.OutOfDate then MsgBox Index is not up-to-date. Results may _ & not be accurate. end if loop MsgBox Done!
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Finally, you may need to give information about sales tax. I have filled out the form that says if my buyers are in California, I will be charging 7.75 percent sales tax. Be sure to check with your accountant so that you can fill in this section also. Just pick your state and then fill in the rate, if your state requires you to charge sales tax. And note that I just charge sales tax on the item price, not on the total including shipping and handling.
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