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6: Creating and Using Accounts
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representations of requests and responses are designed for efficiency of data transfer and encoding/decoding at communications endpoints; and state can be maintained in serverside objects. A CORBA Iterator is an example where server state is useful and complex structures can be transferred. Iterators are returned when a client requests a large number of data records. A CORBA iterator allows these to be transferred a group at a time compactly represented in network-friendly sized packages. In contrast to the conventional wire-efficient RPC mechanisms, XML-RPC is costly. Each request and response requires the establishment of a new TCP/IP connection to a web server. This is going to matter when the client server interaction involves long sequences of requests. Each interaction involves XML parsing; firstly the server must interpret the request, and subsequently the client must parse the response document. XML-RPC favors stateless servers with single-shot requests responses. Instead of something like the stateful CORBA iterator that returns data in parts, an XML-RPC server for the same data access role would return a gigantic XML text document containing a full set of results. These performance problems did not figure too highly in early XML-RPC applications, many of which were proof of concept applications where the service was a low-use, stateless server with methods that involved minimal data transfer (e.g. a weather service that gives the forecast for a specified city). A revised version of XML-RPC was submitted to the W3C (the body that standardizes everything to do with the web); the proposal was sponsored by Microsoft, IBM and Ariba, along with UserLand and other smaller companies. This revision became SOAP: the Simple Object Access Protocol. (Subsequent revisions dropped the Simple Object Access interpretation because SOAP servers can be procedural programs! SOAP is now merely an uninterpreted name for a protocol.) Of course, an XML-RPC or SOAP client program must possess details of the server and the methods that it offers. With Java RMI and EJB, such details took the form of the definition of a Remote interface; with CORBA, the details were defined using the Interface Definition Language. Essentially, an interface defines a class, listing its methods. Each method is characterized by a return type and by a list of parameters that are also characterized by their data types. Obviously, such an interface declaration can be represented as a structured textual document. Once again, XML has a role: it can be used to define these interface documents. Defining the interfaces of servers is the role of the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) component of Web Services. WSDL documents define the location of a server (its URI), individual message formats and operations (request and response message combinations). The Universal Discovery, Description, and Integration component of Web Services is the enhanced replacement of the CORBA trader system. The intent of UDDI is to have a number of registries where service suppliers can publish details of their services. Both Microsoft and IBM run production and prototyping UDDI registries to encourage the adoption of these technologies. Companies offering network-accessible computational services will advertise these services in major registries. A UDDI directory entry has a number of subsections. The business entity data include company name, address, description (which often reads like a corporate vision statement !), and so forth, along with codes from standard classifications (e.g. North
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iii) SGSN Context Response - MM Context (IMSI, MSISDN, Security information,...) Authentication, Activation of Encryption
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user might steal, or accidentally lose, a client s money. Typically, more than one system user must each verify and authorize the transaction independently. The system must log the actions of each user for later review in an audit, if that is necessary. To make all of this happen, the system must have a robust user management mechanism, or be linked to a company-wide user management system. In most cases, user management systems, also known as Identity Management or Access Management applications, have the capacity to assign roles to individual users. As a user, your access rights and functional privileges are dictated by the role you are assigned in the user management system. If you are paying attention, you might notice that there needs to be someone managing the user management system. If that person s actions are not controlled, then the whole control system may be impaired.
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Figure 4.8 Plots of DC transconductance for main stage, auxiliary stage, and overall stage (linearized).
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Additional Wireless Considerations
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How a Heap Works
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Application to Measurements
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Realizing the Wish List
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8.2.3 First-generation Grid portal implementations
In order to perform calculations pertaining to compatibility between UMTS and other systems operating in the same or adjacent channels, it is necessary to create appropriate interference simulation models.
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