Part I: Scripting Kickstart in .NET

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using the same principles as in a Computer Network (e.g. Mobile IP). More details will be provided in 12 on Mobility. Layer 1 and Layer 2 in the PS Domain can be any suitable technology, e.g. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) (for more details see [Tannenbaum 2002] or [Kasera 2005]).
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You track your server logs and you chronicle the access trend over time. One day you launch a banner ad campaign and you see an astonishing jump in the number of visits to your site. Time to celebrate Not yet.
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prioritized and appropriately analyzed for costs. Capacity requirements and associated costs should be budgeted for in the months that the needs are required so that the IS organizations can successfully meet their service agreements. The manner in which revenues flow in and out of the IS organization will need to be evaluated for consistency, equity, accuracy, and reasonableness. Well-managed IS organizations will have documented charge back or allocation processes published that capture enough of the processing details related to each supported business to equitably redistribute all costs plus charges for administrative overhead as applicable to the business units consuming the resources. New projects should have budgeting processes built into them to capture both expense and capital costs as well as ongoing maintenance, growth, and support costs for future budget cycles. When analyzing the IS budgeting process, you must be aware of the capital projects and ongoing operating expenses. There are accounting rules governing what can be and should be capitalized and what can be treated as operating expenses. This use of capital funding versus expense and operating monies depends on the fiscal strategies of the finance organization and senior management. The best way to think expenditures that can be capitalized is to relate them to brick and mortar examples of capital investments. When a company invests in a large capital item like a building, for example, the standard practice is to amortize the capital costs over a long period of time, allocating a portion of the total up front cost to the subsequent productive years that the asset has a useful life. While the initial capital investment can be large, the impact to the financial reporting in that fiscal year is limited to the portion of the total cost that is depreciated against that year s budget. Items that are categorized as operating expenses, however, go directly to the bottom line of that year s expenses. There is no depreciation or ongoing amortization of the expenditure to account for in future years, but the cost must be fully explained in that year s budget.
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building of a house, the arhchitect s blueprint is a methodology (the architect s recommended way of building the house), and the tools are what the construction workers use to actually build the house (nail guns, circular saws, and electric drills). An information system methodology is a recommended way to develop an information system. A System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a series of stages within the methodology that are followed in the process of developing and revising an information system. A stage is a segment of an SDLC that consists of certain types of activity. Stages are usually completed in a certain sequence using software development tools. Developers use system design tools for data, process, and object modeling. Data modeling tools include entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs) and data dictionaries. Process modeling tools include data ow diagrams (DFDs) and use case diagrams. Object modeling tools include class and sequence diagrams. Business processing uses work ow diagrams (WFDs).
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