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In addition to the two connections that your home server needs when functioning normally, you should make sure to plan for other situations that might arise. If you are setting up Windows Home Server on a standard PC, then you need to be able to connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the server for installation. My server lives on top of a wardrobe in our guest room, and for the times that I have needed a display and input devices I have room next to the server to place a monitor, and a desk next to the wardrobe for the keyboard. I have a wireless mouse and a keyboard with a long cord, which give me the functionality that I need, although not in the most ergonomic setup. The times when you need to actually work directly at a home server will be few and far between, so don t go out of your way to make a workstation-like setup around your server. If you are building your own server or purchasing a server from a system builder that includes monitor, keyboard, and mouse capability, you may want a functional way to set up a monitor and input devices. Other maintenance actions such as cleaning or adding storage will also require the server to be easily accessible.
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For example, Dale says, COSO describes a category of control known as control environment, or tone at the top. Control environment is a substantial, but troublingly vague concept that begs further definition. On one level, it s obvious that the ability of a company to achieve agile compliance is ultimately a matter of top management s style and substance. At the same time, it s quite difficult to define exactly what it is about top management that can have a real impact on the potential for agile compliance. What follows is an account of Jim Wilde s and Dale Steyer s attempt to make sense of that question in a pragmatic way. What can they do at DexCo to make the company agile and compliant How do their actions translate into the capacity for the company to move quickly, but also maintain internal controls The subtext of much of their discussion was the failure of DexCo s internal controls to catch Reggie Marchaldon at his game of rigging the financials in his division. What organizational factors were at work to enable this kind of breakdown in control Jim and Dale agree that there is both a big picture to top management s role in compliance, as well as a little picture. Both are important. The big picture is that the ethics and control discipline of a company, even a very large one, will generally follow the ethics and control discipline of its leaders. As the situation at Enron showed, for example, if the top managers of a company are unethical, or at least willing to bend rules to achieve their objectives, then it is quite unlikely that any serious internal controls will work regardless of the effectiveness of their design. Of course, if there is outright crime occurring at the top, then internal controls may be a joke. As the WorldCom case showed, if the top managers are intent on violating internal controls, they can usually make it happen. Okay, Jim says to Dale. Are you a crook No. Good, me neither. Let s move on to the little picture. Not so fast, Dale says. I think we re getting good grades on ethics, but I believe that we may be exuding an indifference to control issues that could infect the rest of the company. Really Jim replies. I thought we were taking this all very seriously.
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LANA BROWN OBJECTIVE A database administrator or software architect/software development position in which strengths in oral and written communication, teamwork, and business knowledge will be utilized to develop systems that support corporate goals. KEYWORDS Software Development. Software Design. Software Engineer. Database Administration. Systems Analyst. Team Leader. Team Lead. Developer. IBM Mainframe. PC Platforms. CRM. Analysis. Programming. Programmer. Microsoft SQL Server. Performance Measurement. Capacity Planning. Vendor Relations. Offshore. Microsoft Certified Professional. BS degree. Master's degree. Computer Science. Technical Trainer. Mentoring. A-Series. V-Series. OS2200. TECHNICAL SKILLS PLATFORMS: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENTS: Client Server and Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer), Unisys A-Series, Unisys 2200 SOFTWARE METHODOLOGY: ISO 9000/9001, SEI/CMMI, Rational Unified Process LANGUAGES: PowerBuilder, T-SQL, COBOL, Visual Basic, ALGOL, DASDL DATABASES: Microsoft SQL Server, Unisys DMSII APPLICATIONS: Manufacturing, Distribution, Banking, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Human Resources, Accounting EXPERIENCE SYSTEMS CORPORATION-Richmond, VA, 20XX-20XX Software Engineer, 20XX-20XX Designed and developed software for bank branch automation system and customer relations management (CRM) package, in both client server and browser environments. Member of team that converted a dissatisfied client into a referenceable site. Package later sold to other bank clients. Received cash bonus achievement award. Designed Microsoft SQL Server database for CRM package. Designed and consulted on implementation of database replication system. Tested and implemented successful upgrades of Microsoft SQL Server databases from version 6.5 to 7.0 and from version 7.0 to 2000. Designed, coded, tested, and implemented system for both batch and on demand real-time data downloading from mainframe database to SQL Server database. Developed and facilitated transfer of information class on existing CRM software system for offshore developers. Worked with personnel to successfully transfer CRM system maintenance and support offshore. Systems Analyst, 19XX-20XX Integral member of team for large mainframe accounting package. Converted large IBM mainframe accounting package including HR, AP, GL, and other modules to ASeries, V-Series and OS2200. Package required several releases per year with mandatory regulatory deadlines that were all met ahead of schedule. Identified problems with vendor's software quality, communicated problems to management, and worked three months on vendor's site to resolve problems and improve procedures. Reduced number of critical bugs found in the code delivered by vendor in succeeding year by 43%.
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If a course is of a specific length you can build in one or two progress tests at various stages. Progress tests serve a few purposes: Providing motivation for the students to study. Targets and deadlines help some people to get themselves in gear, but for others they can be stressful and de-motivating. You need to decide how to present your test so that you strike the right balance. Providing a standard level for the class so that students can be changed to a different course that better matches their proficiency level if necessary. Students sometimes ask to be moved up to a higher level and if you, as the teacher, aren t too keen, the results of the progress test may be the basis on which you decide. Likewise if you have to move a student down, you can use the test as evidence for your decision. Highlighting gaps in your teaching or the course materials that you need to fill. This can be for your own purposes or for the school to monitor its teachers. The danger of this is that you may end up training your class to pass the test rather than teaching them English. The way you handle the test depends on the importance you attach to it and your main objective. For example, you may tell the students the topic of the test and ask them to revise particular points that you feel are essential to their progress in the rest of the course. On the other hand, you may decide that the class should have a thorough review, so you don t give the students specific details. This makes them revise everything so far. A fun and effective way to organise a progress test is to allow the students to design it themselves. Break them into different groups, have each group construct a few questions, or ask each student to submit two or three questions each. As they review the topic and construct the questions, the topic becomes indelibly printed on their minds. There s also an exciting level of competition and anticipation as they wait to see who gets their question right.
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15-19.VBS set tool = CreateObject( registry.update ) read in old values: sx = tool.GetASetting(13, long ) sy = tool.GetASetting(24, long ) msg = Your current icon spacing is & sx & x & sy & vbCr msg = msg & Do you want to change this answer = MsgBox(msg, vbYesNo + vbQuestion) if answer = vbYes then newsx = Ask( Your new horizontal icon spacing , sx) newsy = Ask( Your new vertical icon spacing , sy) Call tool.ChangeSetting(13, newsx, 0, 1) Call tool.ChangeSetting(24, newsy, 0, 1) Make changes happen: tool.RefreshWindowMetrics MsgBox Setting has changed! end if function Ask(question, default) Ask = InputBox(question,,default) if ask = vbEmpty then WScript.Quit if not isNumeric(ask) then MsgBox You did not enter a number! , vbCritical WScript.Quit end if Ask = CInt(Ask) end function
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