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Is It Too Good to Be True
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Forms and CGI
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Figure 9.3 Schematic diagrams of three schemes for chaos synchronization and communications using semiconductor lasers with optical feedback. (a) Chaos shift keying (CSK), (b) chaos masking (CMA), and (c) chaos modulation (CMO) systems. TLD: transmitter laser, RLD: receiver laser.
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I II V1 hRA d hRA HIS d HIS m HIS p CS 1,2 CS 3,4 CS 5,6 CS 7,8 CS 9,10 RVa d RVa Stim 1 S1 S1 S1
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Table 8-4 Shell.Application Properties and Methods
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Variables are placeholders for your data. While most programming languages require you to define specific variable types, VBScript is very liberal. It uses only one variable type called Variant. This type can store any kind of data numbers, text, objects, you name it. There s no need to define the variable beforehand. Just use it, and VBScript takes care of the rest. This liberal concept is very easy to use. Still, there s no single perfect solution, and because VBScript doesn t complain much, it doesn t help much either when trying to find a script error or typo. For example, if you accidentally misspell a variable name, VBScript just initializes a new variable. It doesn t complain, and you might never get a clue why your script is misbehaving. In the same way, if you assign values to the wrong variable, VBScript won t suspect an error. It just assigns the value. If there were the need to declare variable types, you d get an error message if the assigned variable type wouldn t match the declared variable type. You can force VBScript to accept only declared variables by placing the command option explicitly on top of your script code. Now, variables need to be declared using Dim before they can be used. You will find more information about this at the end of this chapter. Therefore, VBScript variables are perfect for small and simple scripts. Scripts that go beyond a couple of lines of code, however, need careful planning. The following part will show you how to play it safe.
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conundrums of quantum electrodynamics (QED): the quantum theory of electromagnetic fields. The issue, which Pauli and his assistant Robert Oppenheimer had wrestled with in the late 1920s and early 1930s, concerned the so-called self-energy of an electron. Under certain circumstances an electron can interact with the fields it produces. It can emit a photon, for instance, and then immediately reabsorb it. Such extremely short-lived virtual photons are a quantum consequence of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle s built-it fuzziness. The closer one probes to the electron s center, the greater the influence of this virtual photon cloud. If one calculates the total energy of such self-interactions using the Dirac equation and other quantum techniques, one obtains the highly worrisome answer of infinity. To borrow a phrase from science fiction, that simply does not compute. Pauli, Oppenheimer, and others realized that infinite self-energy presented a major dilemma for QED, one that could doom the entire enterprise. Independently, three physicists proposed solutions to this problem around the same period. The first was by Japanese theorist SinItiro Tomonaga, who had the bad luck of arriving at his answer during wartime. Consequently, it wasn t published until the other two solutions appeared. The second and most detailed approach was offered by Julian Schwinger. Finally, the third and arguably the most intuitive solution was put forth by Feynman. Their methods involved a technique, called renormalization, that uses a clever canceling out of infinities to arrive at an accurate, finite quantity for the electron s self-energy. During each step of the calculation, the infinite terms are arranged such that they precisely negate one another. It is in some ways a mathematical trick, but miraculously it works and conforms well to experiment. One can view renormalization as a matter of accounting. Imagine a business, Quantum Enterprises, that starts out with $100,000 in its till. Every day the company gains $1,000 but also has to pay $1,000 in expenses. This exact balance of earnings and losses continues indefinitely. With concerns about its long-term future, the company calls in two different accountants (for independent estimates) to calculate how much money it will have many years down the road. The first accountant is not too bright. As a first step he decides to compute the gains. He begins to add up all the earnings for not just years ahead but centuries as well. As he keeps entering figures into
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Figure 11.6 A premature atrial extrastimulus (S2) coupled at 510 ms initiates an atrial tachycardia. A decapolar catheter has been placed along the lateral wall of the right atrium (T1 T5). CS, coronary sinus; His, His bundle.
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3 Adding Attributes
* * * * Multiple Regression * * * * Listwise Deletion of Missing Data Equation Number 1 Dependent Variable.. SALESDRY Block Number 1. Method: Enter SALESWAS INCOME SAVINGS Variable(s) Entered on Step Number 1.. SAVINGS 2.. SALESWAS 3.. INCOME Multiple R R Square Adjusted R Square Standard Error Analysis of Variance DF Regression Residual F = 118.51727 3 6 Sum of Squares 29.10878 .49122 Mean Square 9.70293 .08187 .99167 .98340 .97511 .28613
Property CurrentUserCount Description HostComputer Path MaxUserCount Description Number of users currently working with the share (R) Description of folder purpose (R/W) Path name of host (R/W) Path name of share (R/W) Maximum number of users allowed to work with share concurrently (R/W)
The first term of this rate-equation describes the loss of carriers due to spontaneous emission and other loss processes, where is the inverse of the carrier lifetime. The second term describes carrier depletion through stimulated emission, where G n is the optical gain. The third term describes the increase in carrier density due to electrical injection where J is the injection current density, e is the electronic charge and d is the active layer thickness. In Lang and Kobayashi s paper, the authors show how changes in the carrier density modify the refractive index of the semiconductor, which in turn alters the resonant frequency of the laser diode. This effect was later included explicitly in the Lang and Kobayashi equations by the use of the alpha factor. In order to include the effect of the carrier density change on the resonant frequency, a linear approximation for the gain and refractive index is used. If we consider small variations n around the value for the carrier density at threshold of the solitary laser, nth , then n =
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