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If we add <Title>, <FormOfAddress>, and <Comment> elements to our instance document for customer data, we have an instance document, SimpleCustomer02.xml, shown in Listing 10.6. We could, of course, remove the reference to NameType in SimpleTypeLib.xsd and create a CustomerNameType type from scratch, but we don t need to perform this task. We can derive a new CustomerNameType from the existing NameType by extension, as you were shown in 8. Listing 10.7 shows a schema using <xsd:redefine> to extend the NameType type definition so that we can use the modified structure of the customer information that you saw in Listing 10.6. The schema has internal documentation to help you understand how the parts fit together.
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According to Ernest, "That kind of analysis is done in two ways: The first way we do it is in selecting amongst the proposals the program managers bring forth. We look for business cases, some of which are ROI based, some of which are not, but basically we look for a scenario, a discussion of the value of having a user switch to, for example, doing a change of address request online versus calling up a rep, and some indicators of how many phone calls the company currently gets and how many might switch over and what the savings might be. "We use that at the front end to judge whether or not we should pursue one program option versus another, and then operations reviews them with our program managers. We don't necessarily have visibility to the cost side to know if the costs are being taken out of the business or not. "We recently have developed per-unit metrics where we attempted to allocate the costs that are being spent within our team in a logical but not scientific method, because there is only so much effort you want to put into this sort of thing. But we've tried to divide out the costs on a monthly basis that we are putting towards open markets commerce (auctions), versus customer care, versus our extranet activities, versus the steady state of just the site and the browsing and whatnot. We track those costs on an allocated approximate basis, on a monthly basis, and then we divide them by the related metrics. So how many things were downloaded from customer service How many orders were received over their value in open market commerce "And some of these metrics are ugly because certain things are below critical mass but are still an investment area for the company. We're not expecting it to be cheaper than doing it another way for now. That's the brutal reality, and again these metrics make it clear. We have to be in the game to be competitive.
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Step no. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Step Launch the purchase order screen Enter purchaser name Enter purchaser address street Enter purchaser address state Enter purchaser address zip Select method of payment Exit purchase order screen Expected result Screen appears Accept valid names Accept multiple addresses Select multiple states Select multiple zip areas Select check/credit card Screen stops successfully
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than Livermore s ratio of 20 percent on the rst purchase, 20 percent on the second purchase, 20 percent on the third purchase, and a nal purchase of 40 percent. He could, for instance, purchase 30 percent as the rst probe position, 30 percent as the second and 40 percent for the nal probe position. In summary, it is up to each individual speculator to decide the ratio that works best for him. Livermore simply outlined what worked best for him. The main money management rule is comprised of three factors:
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Both supervisors and accountants can use this JSP. It should display a table with details of those requests that are waiting review, and a form that allows the supervisor or accountant to take action on a selected request. The table should show for each request: request number, requestor name, description and date submitted. If a supervisor has reviewed the request, the table should also identify the supervisor, the decision, the comment and the review date. The form for entering decision data appears below this table. This form has three input controls; the first is a text input field used to enter the identifier number of the request; the second consists of a pair of radio button controls with values Approve and Reject ; and the final control is a text input field reason used to enter a comment. Figure 8.2 illustrates a possible appearance for a page generated by this JSP.
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Wireless Theory
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As considered in the previous subsection, the rst step of the asymptotically optimal position estimator performs correlation-based ToA estimation. However, in a multipath environment, the correlation output needs to be maximized over a very large dimensional space due to a large number of multipath components, and hence unknown parameters, in a typical UWB system. Hence, the complexity of the ToA estimator in the optimal receiver is very high. Therefore, more practical ToA estimation algorithms have recently been proposed to estimate the arrival time of the rst signal path. In this subsection, we will discuss several of these algorithms, which have low computational cost compared with the correlation-based estimation algorithm where the correlation between the received signal and a receive-waveform template is maximized. Conventional Correlation-Based Approaches An optimal estimate of ToA can be obtained using a correlation receiver with the received waveform as the template signal (or, equivalently a matched lter matched to the received waveform), as shown in Figure 3.8, and choosing the time shift of the template signal that produces the maximum correlation with the received signal [32]. However, due to the multipath channel, the received waveform has many unknown parameters to be estimated. Hence, the optimal correlation-based ToA estimation, considered in Section 3.5, is impractical. Therefore, the transmitted waveform can be used in a conventional correlation-based receiver as the template signal. However, this is obviously
We note that the relative surface area of Ni snowballs of radius ai can be much larger than that of a at trace, A. If the magnetic eld intensity outside a very good conducting sphere behaves like that outside a PEC, H (ai, m) = 3H0 sin m/2, the time-averaged power absorbed that will be the integral of the magnetic eld intensity, Pi/da = c H 2/4, over the surface of each sphere of radius ai is Pi =
1 (i + 1) (i + 2) 1+ 1+ ... X h h C h ... ,
This section briefly describes Topic Maps (sometimes abbreviated TM). Topic Maps is a technology that has arisen in recent years to address the issue of semantically characterizing and categorizing documents and sections of documents on the Web with respect to their content in other words, what topics or subject areas those documents actually address. As such, they are closely related to other efforts in general characterized as the Semantic Web. Topic Maps provides a content-oriented index into a set of documents, much like the index of a book but with this qualification: an index of a book does not typically characterize the contents of that book as a set of linked topics, but rather as a set of mostly isolated subject references with occasional cross-references to other subjects. A Topic Map, however, does act as a set of linked topics that index a document collection. In addition, in the Topic Maps paradigm, one can have multiple topic maps indexing the same Web document collections (much as a book may have multiple indexes, such as a subject index, a name index, and so forth; the important point here is that one can have multiple topic maps indexing the subjects in different ways). Topic maps can be viewed as information overlays on documents or arbitrary information resources. They enable content-based
First Standard Availability Frequency Band
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