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simple: extra dimensions were infested with demons. Stay away from such bizarre realms if at all possible, the show s message strongly urged. Indeed in one of the subsequent episodes, Little Girl Lost, a curious girl falls through a trans-dimensional portal in her bedroom and, to her parents horror, becomes trapped. Her fate exemplified the lesson that hyperspace contact is not child s play. These themes came as no surprise to the aficionados of the stories upon which many of the episodes were based. From the 1930s until the 1950s, science fiction was in a golden age, signaled by a proliferation of pulp magazines such as Weird Tales, Astounding ScienceFiction, and Amazing Stories. The speculative stories contained in these pages were the imaginative successors of the epics of Wells, Verne, and others. They enriched some of the older ideas with more up-to-date scientific references. One of the pioneers of the pulp genre was the American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. Honing his craft in the age of quantum physics, relativity, and multidimensional mathematics, Lovecraft incorporated aspects of these developments into his plots. Scientific verity, he believed, would help lure readers into accepting the more incredible aspects of his stories, setting them up for maximum shock. Many of Lovecraft s stories featured an ancient race of beings, the Great Old Ones, that were waiting for just the right moment to reinhabit Earth. Apparently these creatures were familiar with Riemann and Gauss. Alluding to the distorted shapes and strange configurations of the cities constructed by these beings, Lovecraft presented non-Euclidian geometry as the building code of alien architecture. He also suggested that the creatures arose from some vague realm or dimension outside our material universe. 48 Lovecraft often envisioned higher dimensions as the byways of nocturnal wanderings. In Through the Gates of the Silver Key, published in 1934, the main character seeks to escape from the tedium and limitations of waking reality in the beckoning vistas of dreams and fabled avenues of other dimensions. While wandering through endless dreamscapes, he comes across the Ancient Ones. They explain to him how childish and limited is the notion of a tri-dimensional world, and what an infinity of directions there are besides the known directions of up-down, forward-backward, right-left. The beings proceed to teach him these relationships. The cube and sphere, of three
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move, (b) movement of the head and passing its updated coordinate shift to the second level, (c) movement of the second-level nodes and passing updated coordinate shifts to the third level, (d) movement of the third level and echoing termination upwards the hierarchy, and (e) same as in (a).
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hen running an eBay business, it is important to know how to put out fires when they occur. And believe me, they occur on a consistent basis. With eBay, anything can happen . . . and it does! Some customers never pay, some customers are unhappy with their purchases, some items never arrive at their destinations, some items arrive damaged, and some customers leave you negative feedback. Now, some of that you can blame on the customer or the delivery service, but there are times when you, as a seller, make mistakes. It happens. In this chapter, I talk about how best to deal with each of these situations while always remembering the mantra, the customer is always right.
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where k > 0 is an empirical constant of proportionality. All other parameters are described in Table 3.1. Writing E t P t exp i t where t and P t are the slowly varying
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fading far- eld region FDMA (Frequency Division Multiple Access) feed (of an antenna)
Rather than having to pay a career coach, enlist a friend to conduct and videotape a mock interview with you, using the questions supplied in this book.
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