Part III: Starting and Controlling Other Software in .NET

Integrated EAN13 in .NET Part III: Starting and Controlling Other Software

can process data. MIPS is used to measure how many millions of instructions can be processed within a second. For microcomputers, CPU can be classified into two categories: Apple/Macintosh system (developed by Motorola) and IBM-compatible system (manufactured by Intel). Exhibit 3.1 illustrates the comparison of popular Microcomputer CPUs.
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The Internet
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Getting Started with Windows Home Server
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F-Secure FileCrypto for PocketPC Personal Edition has been specifically developed to protect stored data in Compaq iPAQ PocketPC handhelds. With the application, Compaq iPAQ PocketPC users can create secure folders for storing confidential and personal information. The product also protects data on removable media, such as memory cards and microdrives.
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The serendipity factor
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See Physical layer convergence procedure. Private land mobile radio.
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Reading Groups of Radio Buttons
eBay breaks down the next features that it tries to sell us (although some are actually free) into several sections: listing
Figure 14.13 shows that both slotted Aloha and pure Aloha lead to very high throughput in these conditions. Although slotted Aloha leads to a slightly higher value of throughput, the difference is quite small, of the order of 0.05%. As one would expect, however, the gap between the two strategies increases as the number of terminals (and as a consequence the offered traf c) increases. Figure 14.14, on the other hand, shows an interesting result. In the considered low traf c scenarios, where the advantage of slotted Aloha over pure Aloha is not signi cant in terms of throughput, the slotted Aloha approach leads to a higher delay. This is due to the fact that in pure Aloha a packet is sent immediately, as soon as it is inserted in the queue, and thus in absence of high packet error rates, the delay is limited to the packet transmission time over the channel. Conversely, in the case of slotted Aloha the packet remains in average a time TSLOT =2 in the queue, where TSLOT is the duration of the slot, waiting for the beginning of the rst slot after the insertion in the queue (the rst useful for transmitting the packet). This accounts for the difference of about 1 ms in the average delay between the two strategies, remembering that we chose packets of 2000 bits, with a transmission time over the channel TTRANSMIT TSLOT 2 ms. In conclusion, simulation results show that, in all considered scenarios, the processing gain guaranteed by UWB is high enough to manage the traf c without appreciable effects of MUI. This con rms that, thanks to the MUI robustness guaranteed by impulse radio, the (UWB)2 MAC protocol is a suitable solution for low data rate UWB networks. REFERENCES
Halvar Flake first proposed the use of the Unhandled Exception Filter in at the Blackhat Security Briefings in Amsterdam in 2001. When no handler can dispatch with an exception, or if no handler has been specified, the Unhandled Exception Filter is the last-ditch handler to be executed. It s possible for an application to set this handler using the SetUnhandledExceptionFilter() function. The code behind this function is presented here:
Turning off error handling the smart way
<html> <head> <style> p {font: 12pt Arial} </style> </head> <body bgcolor = #CCCCCC scroll= no > <p>Your name: <input type= text name= namefield ></p> <input type= button name= help value= Help > </body> </html>
(HTTP, SMTP, other protocols)
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