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three main handoff strategies, depending on who initiates the handoff or who assists in the handoff. Within homogeneous networks, handoffs are known as horizontal handoffs. Horizontal handoffs can be classi ed mainly as hard, soft, and partial handoffs. Handoffs between heterogeneous networks are known as vertical handoffs. Vertical handoffs can be divided into upward and downward handoffs, depending on the relative cell sizes of the heterogeneous networks. Channel assignment schemes are needed to ensure certain GoS. These schemes include nonprioritized scheme, prioritized (guard channel) scheme, limited fractional guard channel scheme, fractional guard channel scheme, guard channel with buffer scheme, two-level fractional guard channel, and link-layer resource allocation scheme. The nonprioritized scheme does not differentiate between new calls and handoff calls. Therefore, the blocking probabilities for new and handoff calls are the same. The guard channel scheme gives priority to handoff calls over new calls. This results in lower handoff call blocking probability than with new call blocking probability. The reason for this is that dropping new calls is more acceptable than dropping handoff calls, which would result in call termination in the midst of a call. A limited fractional guard channel scheme gives a bit more priority to handoff calls over new calls; a fractional guard channel scheme is more general and gives a lot more priority to handoff calls than to new calls. A guard channel with buffer scheme allows queueing of calls until a channel is available or when the call hands off to another cell. This scheme is only suitable for non-real-time traf c such as data. The two-level fractional guard channel scheme is used to provide ef cient priority access for handoff calls over new calls. The performance of the two-level fractional guard channel scheme is almost the same as that of a guard channel scheme under light load. However, the advantage of the two-level fractional guard channel scheme is demonstrated under heavy load, where the handoff call blocking probability is much better than that of a guard channel scheme, giving more priority and protection to handoff calls over new calls. The link-layer resource allocation scheme is based on the outage probability, which determines the maximum number of users that can be supported. These schemes can be extended for multiclass traf c, for which there are three main channel assignment schemes: complete partitioning, complete sharing, and virtual partitioning. Complete partitioning does not allow channels to be shared among different traf c classes, whereas complete sharing allows all channels to be shared among different traf c classes. Virtual partitioning allows for preemption of traf c classes and is like complete sharing under light load and complete partitioning under heavy load. The link-layer resource allocation scheme can also be extended for multiclass traf cs. Based on the outage probabilities of multiclass traf cs, the system capacity can be obtained and complete sharing or virtual partitioning can be used. Location management is needed to ensure that packets are sent correctly to the current location of a mobile regardless of whether they are at their home network or at a foreign network. Location management consists of authentication, location update, and call delivery. Mobile IP can be used for this purpose. Cellular IP and HAWAII schemes can be used for cellular systems to handle micromobility, while mobile IP can be used to handle macromobility. This chapter is organized as follows. In Section 5.2 we present the rami cations of horizontal and vertical handoffs. Section 5.3 provides an overview of handoff
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Navigation numbers tell you whether people are easily finding what they're after, but Theresa knows that how they use the Web site's search tool is a bigger tell-tale. "The server log give us an idea of what people are searching for. Last week as a matter of fact I was pestering the Keylime people, saying it would be really nice if they could tell us what pages people are entering in specific key words. If we've got 200 people a day entering in iPAQ [Compaq's handheld computer] on a specific page designed for something entirely different, we have a disconnect with our customer. And we have to look at that page and the navigational path to that page. "Just before I came, everyone realized that the top keyword was drivers. Okay, let's try something. Let's put a drivers link on the home page. We could tell immediately that searches for drivers plummeted. Fewer people were asking for drivers. They were just finding them. "While I was here, drivers got superceded by iPAQ. We need to have separate links, not just a handhelds link. We needed a link that said iPAQ, because the brand has taken over to the point they're just looking for an iPAQ link. "People like to see that Search box in the top-level navigation bar and they'll go immediately to it even on the home page. Beyond a couple of really simple key words, we find IT professionals don't want to waste any time with navigating. It's just, 'Take me there.' We're trying to improve the search engine and improve all the meta tags sitewide so when the IT professionals come, they get where they want as fast as possible. And also we're gauging the improvement on that using a special, shorter satisfaction survey unique to the search engine."
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makers in your organization will want to know, What can we do with the Semantic Web Why should we invest time and money in these technologies Is there indeed this future This chapter answers these questions, and gives you practical ideas for using Semantic Web technologies.
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The concept of integrity ensures that the content of data or correspondences are preserved intact through the transfer from sender to receiver. Integrity embodies the guarantee that a message sent is the message received, that is, it was not altered either intentionally or unintentionally during transmission. Unlike confidentiality, a breach to integrity (often referred to as alteration) is usually initiated for the benefit of a competing organization or a government agency. It is usually done in two ways: by the intentional alteration of the data for vandalism or revenge (such as Web site defacement) or by the unintentional alteration of the data caused by operator input, computer system, or faulty application errors. In the database realm, integrity means that the database has preserved internal and external consistency meaning that programming flaws or operator errors have not compromised the quality of the data, and the organization can rely on the data s accuracy. Assuring integrity is a three-part endeavor:
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Forecasts are needed for marketing, production, purchasing, manpower, and financial planning. Further, top management needs forecasts for planning and implementing long-term strategic objectives and planning for capital expenditures. Based on the firm s projected sales, the production function determines the machine, personnel, and material resources needed to produce its products or services. Marketing managers use sales forecasts to (1) determine optimal sales force allocations, (2) set sales goals, and (3) plan promotions and advertising. Other things such as market share, prices, and trends in new product development are required. As soon as the company makes sure that it has enough capacity, the production plan is developed. If the company
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10.4.3 Multistage Block-Spreading UWB Access As considered in Section 10.4.1, it is possible to provide interference-free communications for up to Nc users over at fading channels by designing orthogonal TH sequences. However, the total processing gain of an IR-UWB system is given by Nf Nc , assuming UWB pulses with duration Tc , which indicates that a much larger
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Paragraph 2:
Analyzing the Con In this social engineering attack, Didi started by getting phone numbers for three departments in the target company. This was easy, because the numbers she was asking for were no secret, especially to employees. A social engineer learns to sound like an insider, and Didi was skilled at this
The large scale and rapid deployment of mobile telephone networks throughout the world during the 1990s has created a number of companies specialised in nding and preparing base station sites and installing radio equipment and antennas. This will make it easier for WLL (Wireless Local Loop) network operators to nd experienced personnel and project managers capable of coordinating a rapid nationwide deployment of base stations. However, the negative impacts of the earlier deployments are the high rent expectations of landlords for rooftop space, and the increased community resistance to antenna `jungles' and `electro-smog'. Mobile telephone operators and the WLL operators who will follow in their footsteps have typically `outsourced' the complete job of acquiring base station sites and preparing them for equipment. The whole job, de ned in terms of how many base station sites are involved, is usually opened to tender, with the expectation to agree xed fees for given prede ned activities: . Site search and acquisition (including the location of possible buildings and negotiation with landlords and local authorities for necessary permissions). . Site survey and planning (the checking of line-of-sight availability to the other end of proposed PTP (point-to-point) links or line-of-sight coverage of proposed PMP (pointto-multipoint) base stations. The determination of exact locations and mountings for indoor and outdoor equipment and cabling. It may be necessary with special equipment to determine what height of antenna mast should be provided).
When a disaster strikes, it may be of such magnitude that the company hit can t function or, at least, process data at its usual location. In this case, it s important for the organization to have an alternate means and location of operation, that is, another processing center to which to it can relocate. There are basically three types of alternative processing sites a company can implement when a disaster strikes, list and briefly discussed here: Hot site. A fully configured computer facility with electrical power; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); and functioning file/print servers and workstations. All systems have been installed and are operating prior to need due to the disaster. Warm site. Like a hot site, the warm site is a computer facility with readily available electrical power, HVAC, and computers, but the applications and data may not be loaded. This site will need some work before it can start processing after a disaster. Cold site. A cold site differs from the other two in that it is available for equipment installation during an emergency, but no computer hardware, servers, or workstations reside at the site. The cold site is, essentially, a room with electrical power and HVAC, but equipment must be brought on-site when needed, and communications links may or may not be ready.
where n is the number of users in the system, rec (t) is the received pulse of the transmitted pulse (t), (v) is the reference delay of the vth user relative to the nth user due to asynchronous time difference, Av is the attenuation over the propagation path of the signal received from the vth user, and n(t) is the receiver noise. We assume perfect clock and sequence synchronization for the signal transmitted by the nth user and (n) = 0. The output Z of the correlation receiver can be expressed as Z=
IEEE 802.11n MIMO Con gurations Number of Receive Antennas, NRX 1 1 1 2 1 2 Maximum NSTS Without STBC 1 1 1 2 1 2 Maximum NSTS With STBC 2 2 3 2 4
Part III: Teaching Skills Classes
You can give students a time limit, say two minutes, and then get them to jot down all the words they know on a particular topic. Actually, they can write them straight up on the board for you. So, for example, before a radio weather report, ask students about weather words: How many words can you think of for this kind of weather You can then fill in any gaps in their knowledge by pre-teaching some extra words. You re then at least able to see if they remember the trickier words that are to come in the text.
Three of the Wild Jackasses died in 1936, marking the end of an era in twentieth-century politics. Duncan Fletcher died in June of a heart attack at age 77. Louis McFadden was in New York City
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