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1.4 Plane Waves in a Lossy Medium
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time slots in the data subframe. Thus, the performance of uncoordinated distributed scheduling is less predictable than that of coordinated distributed scheduling. We focus on coordinated distributed scheduling in this chapter. In coordinated distributed scheduling, when an SS has a packet to send to another SS, it will transmit a bandwidth request to the SS in a time slot in the scheduling control subframe. The time slot is identi ed using the mesh election algorithm, which ideally allows for only one node (winner) to transmit in each time slot without collision. The algorithm is performed in a distributed manner at each node and an SS identi es itself as the winner for the current time slot if its node ID produces the highest value from a pseudorandom mixing function. The function takes in as inputs the sequence number of the current time slot and a set of node IDs for all the nodes that are eligible to transmit in the time slot. As illustrated in Figure 10.7, the set of eligible competing nodes includes all neighboring nodes that satisfy any of the following three conditions [19]: 1. The current time slot falls within the node s NextXmtTime interval. Here, NextXmtTime is determined as follows: 2XmtHoldoffExponent NextXmtXm < NextXmtTime 2XmtHoldoffExponent (NextXmtXm + 1), where XmtHoldoffExponent and NextXmtXm of a node are, respectively, 3- and 5-bit parameters broadcast in the node s distributed scheduling control messages.
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Mobility support in UMTS is of course of the advanced type, offering network-internal context transfer, seamless handover and a power-saving mode with paging. However, UMTS mobility is always intra-PLMN mobility. Regarding mobility, PLMNs do not collaborate. When a UE moves out of the coverage area of one PLMN, it automatically performs GRPS Attach to the PS Domain (or IMSI Attach to the CS Domain) of the new PLMN, however all calls and PDP Contexts are dropped. In 11, Section 11.5.1 we encountered the Mobility Management States, PMMDETACHED, PMM-IDLE and PMM-CONNECTED. Depending on a UE s Mobility Management State, different mobility features are supported: . When the UE is switched off, it is in PMM-DETACHED state. In this state, the location of the UE is unknown. Obviously, no mobility support is offered. . When the UE is switched on but idling, it is in PMM-IDLE state. It has performed GPRS Attach and is registered with an SGSN. It may also have an active PDP Context and, associated with a PDP Context, an IP address. It is, however, in a power-saving mode and does not have a RRC Connection (unless it is actively using the CS Domain), and no RNC has knowledge about the UE. The UE tracks its own location by recording the current Routing Area identi er it does not record the cell ID (cf. Figure 11.6). When the Routing Area changes, the UE updates the SGSN. In this state the UE can be paged by the SGSN. The Routing Area thus corresponds to the generic paging area introduced in the previous section.
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challenging part in the transceiver design. Current solutions are still analog and use a cascade of correlators to perform exhaustive search through all possible code positions [12], which is inherently time-consuming. A similar architecture, based on a mostly digital conception, is proposed in [9], where sampling is achieved using an A/D converter designed to run at 2 GHz. In addition to the high sampling rates, implementation of the cascade of correlators can take up to 30% of the circuit area and tends to consume a major amount of the total power. Thus developing alternative methods that would allow for faster acquisition and lower power consumption is still an open problem. One possibility is to use the subspace approach presented in Section 2.2.4, by modeling the received noiseless signal y(t) as a convolution of L delayed impulses p(t) with a known coding sequence g(t), that is,
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<xsd:simpleType name="USSSNType"> <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string"> <xsd:pattern value="[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{4}"/> </xsd:restriction> </xsd:simpleType>
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11 Automated Testing Tools
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Other Platforms Windows, Solaris, OS/X, and Cisco
Communication charges
Each morning when I write, various birds from the neighborhood feed outside my window, searching the rain gutters for bugs. They occasionally watch me between bites, perhaps to ensure I m not up to something they won t like; or perhaps the sight of me is odd to them. The birds vary in size and breed, but they are generally small; the large birds tend to shy away from close contact with the house. Often, I notice in particular a small, young cardinal pecking through the debris, keeping an eye on me at the same time he keeps an eye out for his breakfast. Perhaps some will think it s a stretch to analogize bird-feeding behavior to information systems security, but the connection is clear to me: Security cannot be an all-consuming activity for the enterprise but must be as transparent, efficient, and effective as possible. (In the same way that IT systems are services to the enterprise, not an end in and of themselves.) Managing protections must not consume so much internal and external resources as to make the enterprise dysfunctional. To continue the analogy, the cardinal cannot stop feeding entirely in the effort to feel secure in its environment. It must be secure enough to facilitate its feeding, grooming, and breeding behaviors, by creating a protective zone around itself so that it can be assured of completing its lifepreserving tasks. If at any time while watching the bird, I stand up or make a sudden movement or gesture that startles the bird, he will fly off. At that point, all of his resources become dedicated to and focused on security; feeding is abandoned, because the cost/benefit ratio of the activity is gone; that is, protecting against a perceived threat consumes all of his available resources. Better to cut and fly and stay alive (i.e., profitable).
Making the Customer Feel Good
Figure 14.11 Mail transport between two users. Data request and presentation
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