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1 OFDMA symbol preamble DL-MAP FCH downlink downlink burst #1 burst #2 (carry control information) downlink burst #3 downlink burst #4 downlink burst #5 R-FCH downlink burst #1 downlink burst #2 (carry control information) downlink burst #3 downlink burst #4 downlink burst #5 ranging subchannel uplink burst #1 TTG uplink burst #2 uplink burst #3 SS-RS communication uplink access zone ranging subchannel relay uplink burst #1 relay uplink burst #2 relay uplink burst #3 relay uplink burst #4 uplink relay zone RTG RTG
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interval close to the laser threshold. Similar diagrams are obtained as the value of changes. In general, with reduced values of , the coexistence regime is enlarged, and the stability of the MGM is increased. The earlier literature on LFF contains some provocative experimental results and observations. Under certain circumstances it was found that the dropout events can become very regular, producing a narrow resonance in the noise spectrum, which manifests as a self-modulation of the intensity [25]. Time series of such events appears as a low frequency limit oscillation under low-pass detection and it is not clear at this time what is the underlying physical mechanism. Such a time series of regular LFF is shown in Figure 4.32, along with the RF spectrum. The data were obtained with a 20 mW Toshiba TOLD9140 index guided InGaAlP diode laser emitting at 693 nm. Indeed, the time series appears to be that of a noisy, distorted limit cycle. From the RF spectrum it is clear that the LFF frequency located at the low frequency part of the spectrum and indicated by an arrow exhibits a narrow resonance with sharp multiple peaks denoting higher harmonics. However, the spectrum still contains a large number of external cavity frequencies indicating that what appears to be a noisy limit cycle is indeed LFF events containing strong pulsations under a very regular envelope. Measurements with high frequency resolution have indeed resolved the pulsations and revealed that the limit cycle is composed of short pulses much as was seen in Figure 4.25. In general, regular LFF are found only in a very limited region of pumping current, feedback strength and cavity length, and the laser must be carefully aligned before they attain long time stability. It appears that the inherent noise in diode lasers tends to destabilize and destroy the mechanism that produces this regularity in the LFF. Recent results suggest that such regular LFF are very common and stable in the short cavity regimes, and are easily captured over a large region of injection current and feedback strength [74].
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Nothing is worse than a stuck programmer delving into the Internet, finding a bit of code to get him around a problem, embedding it into the program, and plodding on. You have no idea of the implications of quality, source, support, updates, and copyright, to say nothing of the licence fees. You can t expect new programmers to understand these issues. Finding solutions via the Internet is a black art and uses up a lot of time. It s far better that the developers tell the project manager what the problem is and for him to find, screen, and assess any potential solution. This is an excellent topic to bring up at your weekly meetings. With many people around the table, they might already know of solutions that they have used on previous occasions. Who knows, your organization might have a valid license to use it already.
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Give readers choices to finish a sentence: I m going to a pop . . . a) concert; b) recital; c) performance The most common collocations are in the form of: Subject and verb: The music blared, the engine roared. Verb and object: Brush your teeth, scrub the floor. Adverb and past participle: Ideally situated, highly strung. Adjective and noun: Black tea, heavy make-up.
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Funds management is another critical function of the financial MIS. Companies that do not manage and use funds effectively produce lower profits or face possible bankruptcy. Outputs from the funds management subsystem, when combined with other aspects of the financial MIS, can locate serious cash flow problems and help the company increase returns. Internal uses of funds include additional inventory, new plants and equipment, the acquisition of other companies, new computer systems, marketing and advertising, raw materials, and investments in new products. External uses of funds are typically investment related. On occasion, a company might have excess cash from sales that is placed into an external investment. Current profitability is only one important factor in predicting corporate success; current and future cash flows are also essential. In fact, it is possible for a profitable company to have a cash crisis; for example, a company with significant credit sales but a very long collection period may show a profit without actually having the cash from those sales. Financial managers are responsible for planning how and when cash will be used and obtained. When planned expenditures require more cash than planned activities are likely to produce, financial managers must decide what to do. They may decide to obtain debt or equity funds or to dispose of some fixed assets or a whole business segment. Alternatively, they may decide to cut back on planned activities by modifying operational plans, such as ending a special advertising campaign or delaying new acquisitions, or
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In almost every way, Maxwell s theory of electromagnetism was a resounding success. It brought unity to two out of three of the thenknown natural interactions. With electricity and magnetism united as the electromagnetic force, only gravity was left out. Furthermore, because the field description seemed much more flexible than the idea of action at a distance, its introduction raised hopes that gravity could be included under its umbrella as well. A boon for the experimentalist, Maxwell s conception offered a host of predictions about the nature of light. As an electromagnetic wave, it determined, light should come in a wide range of frequencies, including many beyond the visible range. Sure enough, in 1888, the German physicist Heinrich Hertz produced the first radio waves, bearing much lower frequencies than optical light. Hertz generated these through oscillating currents, the prototype of modern television and radio broadcasts. Infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, and other invisible forms of radiation were soon to be discovered. Maxwell s equations also explained how radiation can have pressure, a result confirmed in 1901. There were several major difficulties with Maxwell s theory, however not with the equations themselves, but rather with how they were interpreted. One was a conceptual point. Maxwell s assumption that electromagnetic waves moved through aether was not borne out by experiment. As hard as they tried, scientists could not detect such a substance. Still, because it was difficult for them to imagine waves traveling through nothing at all, they held out hope that somehow the aether would be found. A related difficulty had to do with the relationship between Maxwell s equations and Newtonian dynamics. While traveling through
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Two mechanisms are provided by the IEEE 802.11 standard to select a key for encrypting or decrypting a frame:
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A rst analysis of the IMST measurement data was conducted in our department concerning the correlation for different environments and bandwidths (in analogy to the simulation results given in Weisenhorn and Hirt [8]. The normalized correlation is j h (t)h2 (t t) dtj 1 q , wh1 ,h2 (Dd , t) q jh2 (t)j2 dt jh1 (t)j2 dt (9:1)
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Barbara Peters
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Bluetooth is a radio frequency specification for short-range data transfer. Any device containing Bluetooth technology, whether it be a handheld PC, cell phone, laptop, or standard PC, receives the signal broadcasted by the network. As mentioned, the Bluetooth SIG was formed to develop and maintain a global standard for Bluetooth wireless technology. This facilitates interoperability, advancement, and development of the technology. Over 2,000 companies from around the globe are members of this industry group. The Bluetooth SIG consists of leaders in telecommunications and computing including such household names as Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, and Toshiba. The Bluetooth specified standard contains the information
Figure 12.5 Time of day effect in TR2 , volume normalized, (a) GPRS TR2 ; (b) UMTS TR2 .
he Windows Registry is the ultimate place to control Windows at a very granular level. Learn how to access and manipulate the Registry by script, and use a custom COM control to add Registry methods not found in the standard WScript.Shell object.
Such forms use a different encoding enctype="multipart/form-data" (instead of the default enctype= x-www-urlencoded). The hidden field, <input type=hidden name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" ...>, is the PHP required extra control on file uploads. The special <input type=file ...> input fields are handled by the browser as a combination of text entry field and pop-up file-selection dialog. Here, two files are needed; so the PHP script will be handling an array of file descriptor data (hence the array-style name submitfiles[]). The form can contain other input fields; in this example there is a standard text field for the student s user-id. The files that are uploaded are placed in a temporary directory (usually /tmp; the actual directory is defined by a variable in the PHP configuration file). Such temporary files are automatically deleted when a script terminates; the contents have to be copied if a permanent record is required. The following code fragments illustrate the phased development of the application; these phases illustrate additional features of the PHP libraries. The first phase illustrates how to check uploaded files and other data; its response page will contain either error messages or a listing of the data relating to the files. The code uses die PHP s die function is very similar to Perl s; it provides a useful short cut for printing an error message and terminating the program. The processing page is:
Determining host names
Special Note: The preceding descriptions do not attempt to define whether a given ad is being requested by a "real" visitor interacting with the Web/ad server, or whether the ad is being "pushed" to the browser in some automatic fashion. This concern could be addressed by designating the suggested terms as active or passive.
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