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9: Project 4 : Peer-to-Peer Search Application 247
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Figure 12.9 Prior development project defect tracking log extended beyond project completion
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Table 24-3 AddUser Parameters
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4.10 MULTIPLE-ACCESS CONTROL In this section we consider three traditional forms of multiple-access control technologies: TDMA, FDMA, and CDMA. TDMA divides time into time slots, and each user can have preassigned time slots to use. However, the users must wait their turn to access their time slots. On the other hand, FDMA divides a frequency band into frequency slots, and each user can have preassigned frequency slots to use. CDMA allocates all resources to all simultaneous users by using codes and controlling the power transmitted by each of them to the minimum required to maintain a given SNR for the quality of service required. Let M be the number of stations and be the average arrival rate at each station in packets per second (the same for every station). The arrivals are assumed to be Poisson distributed. Let R be the medium bit rate in bits per second. Let X be the average packet length in bits. Service at each station is assumed to be exhaustive, that is, all stored packets are transmitted each time the station has access to the channel. Propagation and other delays between stations are assumed equal. 4.10.1 Time-Division Multiple Access In TDMA, time is divided into slots. Figure 4.11 shows the time-slot allocation for TDMA. Each frame has a control segment, which contains a synchronization pattern to keep stations, as well as other control data, in synchronism. The guard bands ensure that the time slot assigned to each station is kept separated from the others. Each station s time slot allows for transmission of both overhead and data. The major disadvantage of TDMA is the requirement that each station have a xed allocation of channel time, regardless of whether or not it has data to transmit.
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Part III: Starting and Controlling Other Software
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And think gimmicks, such as free fortune cookies in the cafeteria, each containing a security reminder instead of a fortune. The threat is constant; the reminders must be constant as well. WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME " In addition to security awareness and training programs, I strongly recommend an active and well-publicized reward program. You must
Host Budget Version 3.2
Figure 10-26: midlet_news_det.xml.
8: Advanced File System Tricks
The <xsd:pattern> element is one of the most powerful of the XSD Schema facets and also potentially one of the most complex. The three facets that deal with the length of a value can be very useful but are pretty straightforward. The pattern facet offers very precise control of the content of an element, but particularly if you are not familiar with regular expressions, it can seem pretty complex and impenetrable (at least, at first sight). So, we will look at several examples of using the <xsd:pattern> element in this section. In Listings 5.3 and 5.4, we looked at ways to provide some control over the information contained in U.S. and U.K. SSNs. The length facet enabled us to check for entries that are too short or too long but do not prevent entries such as 123ABC456789, which of course would not be a valid SSN. Simi-
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