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Figure 4.21 Time dependence of the peak C and B, upper trace, and time dependence of the peaks A and B, lower trace. Source: After [40] 1992 IEEE.
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There are three different functions to convert a variable to Integer: CInt, Int and Fix. Although in most documentations, CInt is used, this is dangerous. All three functions behave differently when converting negative numbers. Only Fix limits itself to stripping the decimal places of a number. CInt and Int both automatically round negative numbers to the next lower or next higher integer. This can cause a lot of confusion and errors. Therefore, always use Fix to convert numbers to Integer. In addition, you can use functions to format a variable:
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Contacts Can Turn Up in the Strangest Ways
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By the total probability property,
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Figure 11-7
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Low Loss and Distortionless Line
Gross profit; actual demand
When you want to show that an action is in a simple tense (present simple, past simple, or future simple) you put an individual point on the timeline with an X or a spot and label it, as in Figure 5-1.
private boolean customerExists(String customerId) { if (customerId.equals(this.customerId) == false) { try { customer = customerHome.findByPrimaryKey(customerId); this.customerId = customerId; } catch (Exception ex) { return false; } } return true; }
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