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Ask most people for money to help your big idea on its way and they ll show you the door, never speak to you again, or phone the local hospital and warn them that
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Getting Miscellaneous Windows Settings
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Table 8.1. Regular Service to the Continental United States: Weight and Size Restrictions
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In this chapter, we looked at the remaining constraining facets of XSD Schema. The maxInclusive and maxExclusive facets are used to define the upper allowed limit for the value of an attribute or an element s content. The minInclusive and minExclusive facets define the lower bound of allowed values. We also looked at how you can use the pattern facet on the xsd:string type to define the upper and lower bounds of allowed string content. Finally, you saw how the totalDigits and fractionDigits facets can be used to constrain the structure of datatypes of type xsd:decimal. Having examined the constraining facets of XSD Schema in this chapter and in 5, we will, in 7, Grouping Elements and Attributes, go on to look at grouping elements and attributes.
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This class creates an object that is similar to a TextField object, but one difference is that a TextBox is not an Item that has to be added to a Form. Rather, it is a component that can be directly added to a Screen. The methods available are:
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One advantage is the GetDetailsOf method provided by the Folder object. It returns interesting information about the files have a look at the sample output shown in Figure 8-15.
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Figure C.2 The page displayed in a browser.
Wireless connections are present in many modern homes. Setting up a wireless connection is a little more complicated than setting up wired Ethernet. After a wireless connection is set up properly, you can consider it an extension of your wired network. Depending on whether you are using a wireless access point that is integrated into your broadband access router, or if you are using a standalone access point, the configuration of these devices can be either very simple or very challenging. Once set up, wireless offers an amazing amount of convenience. I rarely plug my laptop into its wired connection because almost everything I do on it is tolerant of the slower speeds that wireless provides. I do have a wired connection set up for when I want to copy larger files, perform backups, or restore from backups. The speed of wireless networks can be very deceiving. The wireless technology marketers like to talk about the top speeds, but realistically the actual throughput is much lower. For older 802.11b networks, the top speed of 11 Mbps is rarely seen. 5 Mbps is a more reasonable expectation. For my home network s 802.11g wireless, I typically see around 30 Mbps on my laptop when I keep it one room away from the access point. My wife s desktop also has a wireless connection, and although it is capable of 54 Mbps, I can t seem to get it to go more than about 11 Mbps. I m fairly certain this is because the antenna is buried in the computer desk near the power cables and lots of other sources of interference.
Time management and scheduling also can be managed through many of these products. Often complex database management and infrastructures are required to maintain this type of tool for a large audit department, however.
This chapter is an eclectic mix of technologies that have attracted attention recently. The first section looks at a recent success story a well-understood problem, a fairly obvious solution, and a company that made that solution work (and made its owners rich). The next two sections pick on a few topics where it is clear that there are interesting potential applications and some appropriate technologies, but where no one has yet found quite the right match of application and technology. If you can come up with the right mix, you will achieve the kind of success described in the first section. The final section takes a brief look at some technologies that are being heavily promoted by companies such as IBM, and Microsoft; despite the heavy promotion of these technologies, not everyone is convinced of their utility.
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