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where T f is the frame time interval, Tc is the chip interval, Nc is the number of chips per frame time interval of T f such that Nc = T f /Tc , Ns is the number of frames per symbol, E z is the transmitted pulse energy, w(t) is the unit-energy transmitted pulse, {b(v) } is the pseudorandom sequence which randomizes the polarities of the reference j and data-modulated pulses in one frame for the vth user, {c(v) } is the time-hopping j value for the jth frame for the vth user depending on the time-hopping code, Td(v) is the delay between the reference and the data pulses for the vth user, {d (v) s } is j/N the information bit for the vth user, and d (v) s { 1, 1}. The rst pulse in equation j/N (3.89) is the reference pulse; the second pulse in the equation is the data pulse. The information is encoded in the phase difference between the reference pulse and the data pulses. Figure 3.15 shows the pulse signals of two users using a TR-UWB system. 2Ns pulses are used to represent a data bit and there are Nc chips per frame interval T f . Each chip time has a time interval of Tc . The solid-line pulses are for user 1; the dashed-line pulses are for user 2. In the following discussion we assume that the pseudorandom sequences that randomize both the reference and data-modulated pulses in one frame for users 1 and 2 are both positive as an illustrative example. Thus, their Ns reference pulses have positive polarities. User 1 is transmitting a data bit 1 and thus the polarity of all of its Ns data pulses is negative with respect to their chip intervals. User 1 is also using a time-hopping code of {1,3,2}. In the rst
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Create an image of defined size. Create colors for that image. Fill areas, draw lines, write text. Possibly copy in other existing images taken from files. Return the image as a response page (content-type = image/png) or save the image to a temporary file. If the image was saved to a temporary file, a standard page (content-type = text/ html) can be returned; this can include an <img src=...> link that references the temporary file. (You will need some mechanism to remove the temporary image files when they are no longer required; a regular chron job should suffice.) By tradition, one starts with Hello world examples:
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FTP 1% SMTP 1% HTTPs 2% POP 3 8%
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11.3 Peer-to-peer
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Knowing whether you're successful depends on your definition of success-a point that is often missed by many who are in the throes of running a Web site. And clearly, different sites have different goals at different times. Identifying your specific goals is good not just for getting the money but also for ensuring that you have a good idea of what you're trying to accomplish. It's always a prerequisite to success. Bill Heerman manages Web content in the corporate communication department at Southern Company. For those of you not familiar with this firm, they are ranked at 76 on the 2001 Fortune 500, up from number 153 the year before. They provide electricity to something like 4 million people in, you guessed it, the South. They also dabble in power plants and wireless communications services. For Bill, the goals are clear. "I mean it's sort of a clich , the low-hanging fruit for our company is bill payment. Southern Company is a holding company for five major utilities. And we are not in competitive markets, and our business primarily is pricing, service, sign up for service, and pay your bill. We wanted those elements translated to the Web. We want to do a better job of making it work perfectly, but it's pretty good and we're on to the next phase, which is more product-oriented." Low-hanging fruit became something of a mantra among the e-metrics connoisseurs I spoke with. "No one needs a Web presence," Bill says, and he has a point. "No, there's no value to that. I tell them to look at their routines and ask, 'what is my sales cycle ' This is what we do to get a customer, this is how we contact them, this is how we close the deal, this is what we sell them, this is how much money we make. Lay that out and then look at ways to automate that process. Are there places in there where you could take out intermediaries Can you do things without people Can you move people to a different place where they might be more effective " But he doesn't stop there. "How can the Web take the pressure off you in order to move through that sales cycle Depending on the product, it can impact in different places. In some cases it's just simply the payment of the bill. In some places it's the qualification of the lead. And every different part of our business is different. We sell generation capability to large companies and we sell surge protection to residents. It's much different. "You are not going to be able to close the deal when you're selling power plant output to a bottling factory, because they're going to need more information and there's going to be more personal involvement. But that doesn't mean there's not any point in there where you couldn't use the Web, because at some point in their actual energy consumption certain bells and whistles go off that automatically notify us that it's time for another phone call or another meeting." While Southern is pumping electricity into the Southeast, Pinnacle is doing the same thing into the Southwest, specifically through their subsidiary, Pinnacle West. Kim Sweeny describes herself as "sort of the Web mistress" for APS and she also focused on one, clear aim: "The goal was, move transactions to the Web site. We redesigned the site to do just that
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What did you like most (or least) about your last job What were the most repetitive or tedious tasks on your last job
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Figure 4.15 Merrill Lynch is a trending stock and can be fairly easily read and
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Moreover, string theory is a Kaluza-Klein theory, making sense only in higher-dimensional realms. It involves hypothetical particles and symmetries experimentalists have struggled in vain to detect. Loop theory, on the other hand, is a clever rewrite of Einstein s standard four-dimensional approach. For better or worse, it therefore does not stretch the imagination as much. Finally, string theory relies on perturbative methods for calculating physical quantities. This involves adding up special Feynman diagrams. For these techniques to work, one must assume that interaction energies are relatively low. Loop theory, in contrast, is a nonperturbative model that applies particularly to high energies, such as conditions during the early universe. Its low energy limit is simply general relativity itself. Throughout the history of theoretical physics various problems have called for perturbative versus nonperturbative methods. Physicists often use perturbative methods when exact solutions to equations are difficult or impossible to obtain. These involve building up an answer, step by step, by making a series of increasingly precise approximations. For instance, suppose one wishes to estimate the volume of a tree. One might first measure the height and width of the trunk and estimate its bulk. This would provide a reasonable first guess. Then one might add to this figure the approximate volumes of the major branches, then the minor branches, and so on. Through this perturbative approach one would then home in on the right answer. Nonperturbative techniques, on the other hand, involve using physical or mathematical principles to find exact solutions to problems. Often these make use of inherent symmetries or conservation laws that help simplify complex systems of equations. A nonperturbative way of determining the volume of a tree, for example, would be to uproot it, submerge it completely in water (by weighing it down), then measure the amount of water displaced. According to the laws of physics, this quantity must equal the tree s volume. If the tree is large, however, carrying out this method might be easier said than done. Gradually, during the late 1980s and 1990s, a nonperturbative extension of string theory would emerge. This novel approach would encompass not just one-dimensional strings, but also two- and higher-dimensional objects, known as membranes, pulsing within an
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Datatypes can definitely be constrained in this manner through the use of facets (a concept we briefly introduced in 1). Facets themselves warrant more than just a few pages of coverage because they are not only incredibly powerful but a major aspect of defining schemas. For that reason, several facets are introduced in this section of the chapter, and there will be more complete coverage in s 5 and 6 (which deal with specifying lengths). It is just as important to provide boundaries for datatype types as it is to have the types defined. Being able to limit the number of items in a list or the maximum value of an integer is very important. This section covers several of the facets that control datatypes and shows you how they differ according to the context in which they are placed (for example, the length of a string and an integer are different). The following are the facets covered in this chapter:
Static Testing
7: Creating and Managing Backups
Surface Roughness
ideally provide a 50 real characteristic impedance and 0 of imaginary (capacitive or inductive) impedance. Further, to achieve a minimum possible NF given a certain external source resistance, a certain optimal LNA input impedance would be required. This input resistance is not the same (but often not too vastly different) as what would be required for an optimal power match. One important goal of the LNA designer is to balance these input matching needs. Let us assume that an input 50- real match is required. There are several ways of achieving real 50 input impedance on the LNA. In the simplest approach (shown in Fig. 4.1), a 50- shunt resistor can be placed at the input of the LNA (while any input capacitance would be tuned out with an inductor and presumed to be high impedance at resonance). Unfortunately, by utilizing such a scheme, even with a noise-free LNA, the NF of the LNA will be limited to a minimum of 3 dB since Ri = Rs: NF = 10 log 1 + = 10 log 1 + >3 In reality, the NF will be larger than 3 dB with this matching scheme. Clearly this is not a desirable scheme for systems that require optimal sensitivity. Ni 4kTRs 4kTRi + 4kTRs
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