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time series of Figure 4.12(b). Increasing further the feedback rate to 1 16 10 2 a subharmonic bifurcation occurs and components at a frequency of ext /2 appear. This can be clearly seen in the section of Figure 4.11(d) but the confirmation is in the time series of Figure 4.12(c). For = 1 21 10 2 the limit cycle of order six bifurcates to a torus of order six Figure 4.11(e) and finally for = 1 22 10 2 the torus bifurcates into a chaotic attractor. This is evident by the multisheet appearance of the Poincar section Figure 4.13 which is a blow-up of the region e delineated by the square outlined in Figure 4.11(f). Experiments were conducted with a 1.3 m distributed feedback semiconductor laser from Fujitsu [40]. The feedback level was controlled with a variable attenuator inserted in the external cavity. The external cavity length was 16 cm corresponding to a delay of = 1 07 n sec. Since the purpose of this experiment was to follow the basic bifurcation of a single external cavity mode to chaos, the length of the cavity was chosen to be rather short to avoid complications arising from multiple attractors with different relaxation frequencies. In general, the relaxation frequency of semiconductor lasers is in the GHz regime and it becomes very difficult to measure time series at such frequencies directly; note that recent improvements to oscilloscopes are making it possible. For example for a bias current of I/Ith = 1 87 the relaxation frequency of the laser was 4 GHz. To obtain some idea of the basic bifurcations, an RF-heterodyne technique can be employed. This technique uses a local oscillator with a frequency close to the frequency of interest, in this case the frequency of the relaxation oscillation. Therefore, a local oscillator
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eBay asks you to choose two reasons. The first box that appears has two choices only and they are:
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The case of optical feedback from short external cavities has several unusual features and deserves special attention. When a short external cavity is used, the product ext remains small even for weak feedback, and so the number of external cavity modes and antimodes
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This contains configuration files; occasionally it is necessary to change some of the default configuration parameters.
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Newspapers and magazines
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also the owner s certi cate. During mutual authentication, the owner s public key (obtained from their certi cate) is used to validate the signature on the proxy certi cate. The CA s public key is then used to validate the signature on the owner s certi cate. This establishes a chain of trust from the CA to the proxy through the owner, where the proxy process impersonates the owner for the lifetime of the proxy certi cate.
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Part IV
Data Facets
Valuing Visitors
36. 37. public void go(String s) 38. { 39. server = s; 40. first = new Button("<<"); 41. previous = new Button("<"); 42. next = new Button(">"); 43. last = new Button(">>"); 44. pause = new Button("||"); 45. update = new Button("Update Display"); 46. first.addMouseListener(this); 47. previous.addMouseListener(this); 48. next.addMouseListener(this); 49. last.addMouseListener(this); 50. pause.addMouseListener(this); 51. update.addMouseListener(this); 52. Panel controls = new Panel(new GridLayout(1,5)); 53. controls.add(first); 54. controls.add(previous); 55. controls.add(pause); 56. controls.add(next); 57. controls.add(last); 58. Panel display = new Panel(new GridLayout(2,1)); 59. display.add(status); 60. display.add(update); 61. tracks = new java.awt.List(); 62. tracks.addMouseListener(this); 63. f.setLayout(new BorderLayout()); 64. f.add(display, BorderLayout.SOUTH); 65. f.add(tracks, BorderLayout.CENTER); 66. f.add(controls, BorderLayout.NORTH); 67. f.pack(); 68. f.setSize(240,320); 69. f.setVisible(true); 70. sendMessage("status"); 71. sendMessage("track listing"); 72. f.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter() 73. { 74. public void windowClosing (WindowEvent e) 75. { 76. System.exit(0); 77. } 78. }); 79. } 80. 81. public void sendMessage(String message) 82. { 83. PrintWriter out = null; 84. BufferedReader in; 85. try 86. { 87. Socket sock = new Socket (server, 1710); 88. in = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(sock.getInputStream ()),1); 89. String s = in.readLine().toUpperCase(); 90. if (s.startsWith("+OK"))
Part V: Accessing Hidden Components
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