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This script uses a dictionary object. I will present its anatomy at the end of this chapter. You can store key-value pairs inside a dictionary using Add. Have a look at your main script. This time, it s not so easy to display the file list because you need to assemble the list using for first. In contrast, finding out the total number of files or even checking whether a certain file is part of the directory now is very easy. The dictionary object offers the property Count and the method Exists. So, your choice of method largely depends on what you want to do with the results. There is one limitation either solution deals with string values. It s not possible to return a number of different variable types. In this case, you might want to use variable arrays, as they can hold any number of variables of any type. The next example shows how to do this. It uses a twodimensional array and stores filename and file size:
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What Is RDF Schema
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detection, accounting, economic forecasting, and risk appraisals. online analytical processing (OLAP) powerful tools that take a complex, multidimensional view of aggregated data to quickly yield strategic information. The power of OLAP tools is predictive in answering why and what-if questions. online searching using a computer retrieval system to obtain information from a database such as on the Internet. optical character recognition computer tool that recognizes typed or printed characters on paper so that they can be recorded on disk. real time computer processing of data in connection with another process outside the computer. relational database a database consisting of relationships between data items. simulation an attempt to represent a real-life system via a model to determine how a change in one or more variables affects the rest of the system, also called what-if analysis. speech recognition software program in which verbal commands activate the computer to perform functions. spreadsheet table of numbers arranged in rows and columns to make accounting, finance, marketing, and other business calculations. Spreadsheets facilitate end-result summary numbers, what-if experimentations, and projections. statistical software computer program making quantitative calculations such as standard deviation, coefficient of variation, regression analysis, correlation, and variance analysis. structured data subset of a company s data that is stored electronically in databases and thus can be accessed by data field. supply-chain management management of the integration of the functions, information, and materials that flow across multiple firms in a supply chain i.e., buying materials, transforming materials, and shipping to customers. tag a command inserted in a document that specifies how the document or a portion of the document should be formatted. Tags are used by all format specifications that store documents as text files. This HTML. tax software tax modules preparing federal and state income tax returns. Tax planning modules exist to examine tax options and alternatives to minimize the company s tax liability in current and future years. What-if tax situation scenarios may be evaluated.
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(c) Change to your tom directory and create an executable file with contents something like the following:
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Part III: Starting and Controlling Other Software
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It is interesting to compare the coupled cavity model with the Lang Kobayashi analysis. The Lang Kobayashi method is based on a perturbation about the solitary laser case; therefore the operating wavelength is assumed to be known in advance, and a correction to that wavelength is calculated by the perturbation analysis. Basing the model on a perturbation analysis limits its applicability to relatively weak feedback, in order to keep the perturbation small. When the Lang Kobayashi model is extended to multimode operation, similar presuppositions are made about the existence and positions of the modes a centre wavelength is chosen and satellite modes, spaced by the reciprocal of the cavity round-trip time, are assumed to exist on either side of the centre wavelength. Again, corrections to the wavelength of each mode are made by the perturbation analysis. In contrast, the coupled cavity method makes no assumptions about the existence or position of the laser modes. The mode positions and threshold gains are calculated from Equation (2.71) at each time step. The multimode extension to the Lang Kobayashi model also typically assigns a single lifetime to all the modes, while each mode calculated from this analysis has its own lifetime, calculated selfconsistently with the mode frequency. The key to the rich variety of possible phenomena predicted by the coupled cavity model is the effect of the variation in mode lifetime calculated above: different modes can have different lifetimes and each mode lifetime can also change with time. When the mode lifetimes change, there is a corresponding variation in the field amplitudes in the coupled cavity which can further affect the lifetimes themselves. This feedback mechanism can give rise to chaotic dynamics in conditions when neither of the sections that make up the coupled-cavity system dominates.
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3: CLDC API and Reference Implementation 55
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Figure 7.17. Simultaneous tracking of multiple objects.
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Local Operations in Doers
The database system does not display user-ids; instead it lists students by name, ordered by family name. The finger command can be used to find the name of the person with a given user-id. The following are typical outputs from finger:
Reactions above Atmospheric Pressure
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