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This example reworks part of the Membership example from Section 7.4. This JSP version is mainly to illustrate communication between a JSP and a beanified SubscriberRecord object, and also communication amongst JSPs. As before, the membership example has a form filled by applicants seeking membership of an interest group. Data from the form are transferred to a SubscriberRecord object; this can save its contents to a newly created database record, returning a membership number. The response page prints an acknowledgment along with the allocated membership number. A slightly modified version of the original InfoPage.html form is as follows:
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Within IS auditing there are a few other ways to break down controls into subcategories that the CISA candidate must know. General controls. Refers to controls that relate more to the general IS environment and to all IS applications as opposed to application controls, which affect the behavior of a particular application. Examples of general controls include:
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After the initial round of recapitalizations, the Treasury decided to grant exceptional assistance to Bank of America and Citigroup. As will be explained below, both grants were ill-conceived; they grossly undervalued the federal assistance and unwisely guaranteed troubled assets against losses. In these situations, the U.S. Treasury should become the majority owner of the bank. This is the way that taxpayers will be treated fairly, because they would reap most of the bene ts if the bank turns around, although they would also bear most of the losses if the bank fails. Table 9.3 compares the key features of the four models of federal ownership of banks.
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implementing activity-based costing. Its research publications are listed in an annotated bibliography in chronological order. The Institute of Management Accountants displays upcoming events. The FASB site contains a listing of everything having to do with the FASB. All of its statements and interpretations are listed. Hundreds of accounting firms, including the Big 4, can be accessed at this Web site.
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Now, it s time to implement your schedule. At this point, you may want to communicate your plans to the company, starting with your reasons behind doing this and your high-level goals. Explain to them that specialized staff is working behind the scenes in order to accomplish these goals and make a smooth work transition. When the time is ready, schedule training to help your regular employees adapt to the new process. General George S. Patton once said, Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. The road to change may be rocky, and you will certainly be challenged along the way. With an intelligent plan and an incremental process, it is extremely doable, and it will be worth it when you get there.
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5.5.3 Bifurcations of ECMs
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Equation (3.13) is the central result for our discussion of the transition from internal to external mode operation. It is the frequency determining equation, since both k0 and k1 are related to the laser frequency through their respective dispersion relations, which for k0 is the trivial relation = ck0 , but which for k1 depends on the details of gain and dispersion in the active medium. Roughly speaking, we have = ck1 /n1 , with n1 the refractive index. Strictly speaking, the Fresnel reflection coefficient rF depends on , although, for the usual edge emitting semiconductors with index values in the range n1 3 2 to 3.6 in practice, rF will have a value around 0.55. In order to discuss the solutions to Equation (3.13) for the frequency , we draw in Figure 3.3(a) the contour in the complex plane of the right-hand side of Equation (3.13) versus with varying in an interval within the filter profile, given by a Lorentzian with HWHM and centre frequency m , i.e.: r = i rmax
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