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Always Establish a Stop before Making a Trade
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Figure 12.17: Arthur Hughes' article is filled with spreadsheet walks through the math of calculating the lifetime value of your customers. Now it's time to bring the discussion back to the Internet and back to the beginning for a moment, and consider how you might recognize a potentially high value visitor on your site.
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A Full Software Development Lifecycle Testing Project
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Tracing For Vulnerabilities
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1.3 HISTORY OF 802.11
and you ll see foobar. In addition to its ability to confuse input validation, this technique also provides a great way to hide data. A bug in IIS a few years ago let you read the source of ASP pages by requesting something like:
PPP Lesson Class: Level: Aim and Objectives: Materials: Anticipated problems:
the iterator. The RequestData object obtained at each cycle of the iterative loop can be accessed to retrieve the data needed for the table. Requestor2.jsp/Reviewer2.jsp These pages are similar to those in version 1; however, logic:iterate and logic:present tags from the struts logic library are used instead of scriptlet code for control, and bean:write tags are used instead of scriptlet code to get data values for printing in the table. Your WEB-INF directory will need to contain a copy of the struts.jar library file and the tag library descriptors for the struts-logic and struts-bean libraries. The JSPs will need appropriate directives specifying the use of these extra tag libraries.
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