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CobiT Framework
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// have starting point and position of =, ie block of text for // the name string, allocate space // (possibly pessimistic, if field contains url-encode escapes // it will get shorter) char *name = new char[length + 1]; ReadString(name, data, eq_pt); data++; int at_end = 0; char *amp_pt = strchr(data, '&'); // look for an ampersand to mark end of value // (an empty value field, so & as the next character // and a missing &, i.e. on last token, are both permitted) if(amp_pt == NULL) { at_end = 1; amp_pt = data+strlen(data); } length = (amp_pt - data); char *value = NULL; if(length != 0) { value = new char[length + 1]; ReadString(value, data, amp_pt); } if(!at_end) data++; // pass strings to token, it will delete them Token *tk = new Token(name, value); return tk; }
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"What's the matter with you Is this a joke, Larry--you're just fooling with me, right " "Get the executive team into the conference room. Like now. No matter what they're doing. And everybody who was at that lunch. Including you."
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This script is your universal Registry interface. Just replace the variable key with whatever key you want to control. The script first queries the key to find out if it exists and then returns its actual value and type. Next, it allows you to change the value (see Figure 15-7).
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3 Transmission Lines and Waveguides
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3 2 (1 + i ) u2 cos (u + iu ) (1 + i ) u sin (u + iu ) du a y (7.37)
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The hierarchical topology (also called vertical or tree structure) is one of the most common networks. The hierarchical topology is attractive for several reasons. The software to control the network is simple and the topology provides a concentration point for control and error resolution. However, it also presents potential bottleneck and reliability problems. It is possible that network capabilities may be completely lost in the event of a failure at a higher level.
Churn is the ratio of retention to attrition. It's great that your site is managing to get 5,000 new people a day to sign up, but if only 1,000 stick around for an appreciable period of time, you have an 80 percent churn rate and you're wasting a great deal of time and money on your promotions. You're spending more and more to get more and more water into that bucket with a very large hole in the bottom. My own, mostly monthly Full Sterne Ahead newsletter goes out to about 5,000 people. If the issue is not very interesting, is too long, or is just not what people want to read, I can lose as many as half a percent of my subscribers in a single day. But if the newsletter is good, I can pick up twice that many in a day, as people forward it to their friends and colleagues. That, coupled with a steady, daily rise in subscriptions, keeps my active subscription numbers growing steadily. If they have purchased, and they haven't attrited, at what point can they be counted as a loyal customer
9.5.6 Weekday Workload Performance Plan Execution
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