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FDIC-insured banks and thrifts and apparently U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks not controlled by foreign governments Treasury and a vehicle controlled by the fund manager in which private investors invest ( Vehicle ) will be sole investors in PPIF No apparent restrictions in Vehicle except that PPIF cannot purchase from (i) an af liate or other managed entity of the PPIF s Fund Manager or (ii) an investor that has committed 10% or more of the PPIF s capital
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Limited liability companies come in two forms: private and listed. Listed companies can issue shares that are tradable on a major stock exchange. Private companies cannot. Publicly listed companies have to disclose regular financial information to the public such as their sales, expenses, profits, assets, liabilities, as well as more sensitive issues such as management remuneration packages. Private companies have the same legal protections and tax advantages as public ones, but the returns they complete are usually less stringent. In the United States, private companies represent about 99 percent of the 15 million organizations existing. In the United Kingdom, there is a private company for every 15 people. In the United States, a subsidiary firm can be called an affiliated company, which is classified as a separate company type. Affiliates occur when an incorporated company (a corporation) buys another firm (the firm becomes an affiliate). Alternatively, they set up a new division, which they can classify as the affiliate.
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I ve been very happy at [current company name] and am proud of the contributions I ve made there over the past several years, but it s time for new challenges so I m exploring opportunities outside of [current company name] where I can make similar contributions. Personal A small portion (usually about one-quarter or less of the overall time) in your self-marketing sound bite would be devoted to a few comments about yourself personally. Keep in mind that you should not reveal too much personal information, such as marital status or number of children, early on in a job search, if ever. And, you would almost never discuss personal information related to religious affiliation or political beliefs. (I say almost never because there are cases where this information would be relevant to the job and discussing it would be necessary.) For your self-marketing sound bite, stick with topics like your geographic background, community activities you re involved with, or hobbies and interests you have. If you prefer not to mention
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and its mean, second moment, and variance are Mi pi , Mi pi [1 + (Mi 1) pi ], and Mi pi [1 pi ], respectively. Next, let SINRi denote the signal-to-interference-noise ratio for class i. By extending the results from Section, it is given by [3] SINRi = Ns Aini m p
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VConvolution (V)
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to determine when the rst frame of each symbol starts, and at the pulse level, in order to nd where a pulse is located within a frame. While synchronization represents the critical step in other wideband systems, such as DS-CDMA [2, 22], and methods developed for DS-CDMA can be adapted to UWB systems as well, the need for a much higher sampling rate in the latter makes this problem more challenging and calls for a different solution. Recently, there has been increased interest in using other transmission techniques that would use multiple subbands rather than a single band to occupy such extremely wide bandwidths. In particular, baseband pulses can be modulated by several analog carriers to multiple frequency bands (typically 500 800 MHz wide). Such a transmission technique, usually referred to as multiband UWB [1], has several advantages over-pulse-based signaling scheme, including more ef cient use of the FCC spectral mask [10], and reduced interference to/from coexisting systems by exible selection of subbands [33]. As in pulse-based systems, timing acquisition and channel estimation also pose dif culties in multiband UWB systems; however, one of the major challenges in the system design is carrier frequency synchronization, especially if OFDM or fast frequency hopping is employed across multiple subbands. In this chapter, we will consider the problem of timing synchronization and channel estimation in UWB systems, focusing mainly on the pulse-based signaling scheme. A vast amount of literature on this topic has appeared recently, with a common trend to minimize the number of analog components needed, and perform as much of the processing digitally as possible [9, 14, 17, 31]. Yet, given the extreme bandwidths involved, digital implementation may lead to prohibitively high costs in terms of power consumption and receiver complexity. For example, conventional techniques based on sliding correlators would require very fast and expensive A/D converters (operating in the gigahertz range) and therefore high power consumption. Furthermore, implementation of such techniques in digital systems would have almost unaffordable complexity in real systems as well as slow convergence time, since one has to perform an exhaustive search over thousands of ne bins, each at the nanosecond level. In order to improve the acquisition speed, several modi ed timing recovery schemes have been proposed, such as a bit reversal search [14], or the correlator-type approach which exploits properties of beacon sequences [12]. Even though some of these methods have already been in use in certain analog systems [11], the need for very high sampling rates, along with the search-based nature of these methods, makes them less attractive for digital implementation. Recently, a family of blind synchronization techniques was developed [31], which takes advantage of the so-called cyclostationarity of UWB signaling, that is, the fact that every information symbol is made up of UWB pulses that are periodically transmitted (one per frame) over multiple frames. While such an approach relies on frame-rate rather than Nyquist rate sampling, it requires relatively large data sets in order to achieve good synchronization performance. Another challenge arises from the fact that the design of an optimal UWB receiver must take into account certain frequency-dependent effects on the received waveform. That is, due to the broadband nature of UWB signals, the components propagating along different paths typically undergo different frequency-selective distortions
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Focusing on young learners Telling stories Playing games Singing songs Connecting with teenagers
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