8: Measuring Web Site Performance: The Need for Speed in .NET

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Moving the elements in response to the resize event is a dynamic process. You don t want to use fixed sizes. Instead, always refer to the new window dimensions stored in frmRealWidth and frmRealHeight. In addition, you can use the height and width information of those elements you already resized. Use fixed sizes only for those elements you do not want to scale. In the example, the Label1 element receives a fixed height of 300 because it doesn t make sense to dynamically scale the label text. Also, use me rather than the real name of your form. This way, you can cut and paste your resize procedure and reuse it in other forms with only minor adjustments. Your key to resizing maneuvers is the Move method. Move can be called for any form element. It accepts four parameters left, top, width, and height. You only need to specify two if you don t want to change the size of the element. In the example, the Command1 command button is moved this way, but it is not resized. Elements can be parts of other elements. In this example, both Label1 and Text1 are embedded in the Frame1 element. When using Move on Label1 and Text1, you need to specify the dimensions relative to the Frame1 dimensions. Take a look at the Command1 element. You want to move it so it aligns at the right side of the window. Look at the first parameter calculation. The entire width of the window (frmRealWidth) minus the window margin (offset), minus the width of the command button itself, results in the left (starting) position of the command button. If you wanted to align the button on the left side, then you would replace all of this with offset. Automating the positioning of all your form elements is rather abstract. Don t feel bad if your resize algorithm doesn t work at first. It s almost normal if your resizing procedure places the form elements all over the place at first. Start with a simple form and only a few elements. Trial-and-error is sometimes the best way to go. However, always try to keep your algorithm as simple as possible. Use constants like offset for window margins and to define the distance between the elements. You may be wondering why the procedure turns off error handling. This is just a simplification. A window can be shrunk as well as enlarged, and whenever your window becomes too small to display all the elements inside, Visual Basic raises an error. To prevent this error, you have to double-check whether your window size is too small for additional resizing. Turning off error handling doesn t solve the cause, but it prevents the error. If your window becomes too small, then your form elements will start to overlap, and users will get immediate feedback, forcing them to re-enlarge the window. If you plan to open your window more than once, you should hide it instead of unloading it from memory. Hiding a window preserves its current size. If you unload the window, it will always pop up with the predefined size, and your users may not like to resize it again and again. However, when hiding a window, always make sure you initialize all the important variables each time you show the window. The example in this chapter always resets the label texts and text box values as part of the ShowWindow procedure. This way, you always get an empty text box even if you have used the window before.
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the complex E-field equation can then be rewritten as two purely real equations for the amplitude and phase: dE0 t = 1/2Gn n t nth E0 t + / in E0 t dt d t E t = Gn n t nth + 0 sin 0 t + dt 2 in E0 t cos t
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Find out why the Registry is so important and how to back up its contents Find out how the Registry organizes the internal Windows settings into different branches Use script commands to read and write to the Registry, and learn how to safely exchange the registered owner information Store your own values into the Registry and delete Registry information you no longer need Enumerate entire Registry branches and list all entries hidden inside a key
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Uniqueness and Keys in XSD Schema
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Billing System Ext. CS Core Network IMS SGW
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procedure EA begin P set of initial solutions; Evaluate (P); repeat Q GenerateNewSolutionsByVariation (P); Evaluate (Q); P SelectBetterSolutions (P, Q); until termination condition is fulfilled; end
This anchor link provides an intra-deck jump (it could have been written as <a href="#Draws">Drawn games</a>). Each of the other cards displays a chosen subset of the data; the subset is selected according to the XPATH specification in the xsl:for-each tag:
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