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Special Vector Acts. These acts have the following representations: vector-special & j : j :: ! They either assemble new vectors from other vectors or provide different forms of an access to vector elements. Resultant state of these acts is always thru, regardless of the resultant value, which may be a vector. Append (&) attaches a vector at the right to the end of a vector at the left, forming a united vector, in which elements may be of mixed types. Indexing (:) points at elements in the left vector by indices given in the right vector, with selected scalars from the left operand forming the resultant vector. If the pointed scalars at the left are used in a subsequent assignment act as its own left operand, each of them will be substituted by the same value from the right hand of the assignment, which itself may be a vector. So the vector at the left of the indexing act, after the following assignment, may increase or decrease in size (the increase will take place if more than one scalar will substitute single scalars, and decrease when the assigned value is nil). Contenting (::) points at elements in the left vector by their contents given in the right vector, with the indices of the pointed scalars forming the resultant vector. In case of a subsequent assignment in the expression, similar to the indexing act, the pointed elements will be substituted by all values from the right hand of the assignment. EXAMPLES
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2.4.2 Other Mobile Technologies
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Case Study Background
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conduction permittivity as we found in Equation 5.45. However, we see that lim Ge ( ) 0 as was the case for induced dipoles, so we cannot assure analytic continuation into the complex plane for this quantity.
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Internal interviews
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Connection creation and release between the client and server. Data exchange between the client and server using a coding scheme that is much more compact than traditional HTML text. Session suspend and release between the client and server.
There are as many ways to exploit a remote DCOM service as there are to exploit a remote SunRPC service. You can do popen() or system() style attacks, try to access files on the filesystem, find buffer overflows or similar attacks, try to bypass authentication, or anything else you can think up that a remote server might be vulnerable to. The best tool currently publicly available for playing with RPC services is SPIKE. However, if you want to exploit remote DCE-RPC services, you will have to do a lot of work duplicating this protocol in the language of your choice. CANVAS ( duplicates DCE-RPC using Python. At first you may be tempted to use Microsoft s internal APIs to do DCE-RPC or DCOM exploitation work, but in the long run, your inability to directly control the APIs will lead to shoddy exploits. Definitely keep to using your own or an open source protocol implementation if possible.
ceiver with none of the paths being a dominant path (i.e., with distinctively larger magnitude than the others). In this situation, the received signal is comprised of the sum of multiple independent random variables and at the limit can be approximated as having a Gaussian distribution function. In reality, Rayleigh fading is really a worst case in which no path dominates. However, since Gaussian PDFs are very well understood and can easily be modeled mathematically, they present a convenient mathematical tool for analyzing the worst case propagation characteristics. On the other hand, Rayleigh fading typically applies if a dominant propagation path (such as a LOS path) between the transmitter and the receiver exists. In this case the PDF is centered around the magnitude set by the dominant propagation path.
is the normalization factor of user v; 0 and 0 are the normalization factors of user j of class i and user j of class k, respectively; Ntot is the total number of multipaths; and L p ( Ntot ) is the number of rst multipaths. Note that (v) (v) L the total average path energies for user v, E[ l=1 G | g,l |2 ] = (v) E 0,X | X =Ntot , g=1 0
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Most companies do not really manage top-line growth. They allocate resources to businesses they think will be most productive and hope the economy cooperates. But a growing number are taking a less passive approach and studying revenue growth more carefully. They argue that quantifying the sources of revenue can yield a wealth of information, which results in more targeted and more effective decision making. With the right discipline and analysis, they say, growing revenues can be as straightforward as cutting costs. Some companies go so far as to link the two efforts. The idea is to bring the same systematic analysis to growing revenue that we have brought to cost cutting. A sources-of-revenue statement (SRS) is useful in this effort. The information on revenue captured by traditional financial statements is woefully inadequate. Sorting revenues by geographic market, business unit, or product line tells you the source of sales. But it does not explain the
MITNICK MESSAGE The human mind is a marvelous creation. It's interesting to note how imaginative people can be at developing deceptive ways to get what they want or to get out of a sticky situation. You have to use the same creativity and imagination to safeguard information and computer systems in the public and private sectors. So, folks, when devising your company's security policies--be creative and think outside the box. And in traffic court, when the officer does not show up--case dismissed. No fines. No traffic school. No points. And, best of all, no record of a traffic offense! My guess is that some police officials, court officers, district attorneys and the like will read this story and shake their heads because they know that this ruse does work. But shaking their heads is all they'll do. Nothing will change. I'd be willing to bet on it. As the character Cosmo says in the 1992 movie Sneakers, "It's all about the ones and zeros"--meaning that in the end, everything comes down to information. As long as law enforcement agencies are willing to give information about an officer's schedule to virtually anyone who calls, the ability to get out of traffic tickets will always exist. Do you have similar gaps in your company or organization's procedures that a clever social engineer can take advantage of to get information you'd rather they didn't have SAMANTHA'S REVENGE Samantha Gregson was angry. She had worked hard for her college degree in business, and stacked up a pile of student loans to do it. It had always been drummed into her that a college degree was how you got a career instead of a job, how you earned the big bucks. And then she graduated and couldn't find a decent job anywhere. How glad she had been to get the offer from Lambeck Manufacturing. Sure, it was humiliating to accept a secretarial position, but Mr. Cartright had said how eager they were to have her, and taking the secretarial job would put her on the spot when the next non-administrative position opened up.
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