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An alternative to directly maximizing the NESP is to take an indirect approach in which the objective is to keep the pulse frequency response P( f ) p (d) Q( f )G(e j2p f T0 ) as close to a desired response e ju ( f ) S( f ) as possible over the speci ed passband, where the power spectrum of the desired response is the spectral mask S( f ), and u (d) ( f ) is a phase component that can be chosen by the designer. Note that the phase component does not affect Sp ( f ), but becomes relevant when designing P( f ). The indirect approach will be useful in extending the pulse design methodology to the case of multiple orthogonal pulses. To formalize the notion of closeness between two frequency responses, we will use functional norms of the form   (d) p   f : e ju ( f ) S( f ) Q( f )G(e j2p f T0 ) where 8 > < > :
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Calling Conventions
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C1 /r1
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Jobs submitted to the Master host in an SGE cluster are held in a spooling area until the scheduler determines that the job is ready to run. SGE matches the available resources to a job s requirements; for example, matching the available memory, CPU speed and available software licences, which are periodically collected by Execution hosts. The requirements of the jobs may be very different and only certain hosts may be able to provide the corresponding services. Once a resource becomes available for execution of a new job, SGE dispatches the job with the highest priority and matching requirements. Fundamentally, SGE uses two sets of criteria to schedule jobs job priorities and equal share. Job priorities This criterion concerns the order of the scheduling of different jobs, a rst-in- rst-out (FIFO) rule is applied by default. All pending (not yet scheduled) jobs are inserted in a list, with the rst submitted job being at the head of the list, followed by the second submitted job, and so on. SGE will attempt to schedule the FIFO queue of jobs. If at least one suitable queue is available, the job will be scheduled. SGE will try to schedule the second job afterwards no matter whether the rst has been dispatched or not. The cluster administrator via a priority value being assigned to a job may overrule this order of precedence among the pending jobs. The actual priority value can be displayed by using the qstat
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2.7 WSRF
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The Art of Fuzzing
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Get the Candidate Talking
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Receiver block diagram.
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Slot (2560 chips) Frame (38,400 chips)
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7: Creating and Managing Backups
Ventricular tachycardia
There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man, an eerie voice explained while fantastic images filled the screen. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. Thus began the first episode of The Twilight Zone, developed and narrated by Rod Serling and still considered one of the finest science fiction series ever made. For audiences transfixed by its bizarre tales of alien invaders, psychic powers, and hellish situations, the equation was
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6 Development
XML ontology and automated reasoning
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