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where N2 is the number of frames over which the correlation output is obtained, and stemp (t) is the template signal given by
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Product Engineering 181 Facility Design and Scheduling 182 Improvement Approach 182 Construction Approach 182 Simulation Approach 183 Fabrication 183 Job-Shop Production 183 Process (Flow-Shop) Production 183 Quality Control Management 183
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drawChar: A new method in addition to the drawChars method. It draws only the specified character using the current font and color. You have to specify the character, the x and y positions of the anchor point, and the anchor point itself. drawChars: A method similar to that in J2SE, but with an additional parameter for the anchor point. It draws the specified characters using the current font and color. The signature is:
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G G int getMaxAge() ; void setMaxAge(int expiry) Returns/sets the maximum age in seconds associated with a cookie (by default, cookies are created as transient with a maximum age of 1; these cookies are automatically deleted from the client when the browser terminates). As noted earlier, the javax.servlet.http.HttServletRequest class has a Cookie[] getCookies method to retrieve any returned cookies. The HttpServletResponse class has addCookie and setCookie methods to put cookies in the header portion of a response. You can create your own session management code based directly on cookies. The code would be analogous to that illustrated for PHP scripting. All the servlets in an application would have to incorporate the same code fragment. This code would check get and post requests for a returned session identification cookie; if a cookie was not found, the code would generate a suitably randomized session identifier, and add it as a cookie to the response header. The session identifier would serve as a primary key for database records.
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Tax software can be categorized into segments:
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Promotion Planning
here, that is, with at least one PDP-context activation in the measurement window. Attached but inactive users are not accounted for. Note that in general UMTS capable terminals can also access GPRS RANs outside the UMTS coverage. We label as GPRS users those seen exclusively on the GPRS section during the measurement period, while those who accessed UMTS at least once are classi ed as UMTS user . A caveat here is that a UMTS user can also generate GPRS traf c. While this traf c is correctly accounted for as GPRS, the user count in GPRS only considers GPRS-only users. This leads to some overestimation of the average per-user traf c for GPRS. In order to avoid such overestimation, a more complex classi cation of users and traf c is required, considering the GPRS traf c produced by UMTS capable MSs in a separate class. For the sake of simplicity we omit such re nement in this work. A study of TR1 reveals that fewer than 1% of the subscribers change cell while a packet-switched connection is active. Out of this subset fewer than 1% had changed the RAN technology. This validates our assumption from above. From Table 12.1 it can be deduced that in TR1 the number of active UMTS users was approximately two orders of magnitude less than GPRS, but the two groups generated comparable traf c volumes. In fact at that time a large fraction of UMTS mobile stations were 3G data-cards mounted on laptops coupled with at-rate contracts, while UMTS handheld devices were just starting to spread. In TR2 the fraction of UMTS users had increased, as the combined effect of additional UMTS subscribers plus legacy GPRS users upgraded to UMTS handheld terminals. The fact that for UMTS the growth factor in the volume share is substantially less than for the user share suggests that most of the new additional terminals were handheld devices rather than 3G data-cards for laptops, under the assumption that hand-held devices generate less
15-14.VBS set reghelper = CreateObject( registry.update ) boolvar = reghelper.GetASetting(38, boolean ) if boolvar then MsgBox Full window drag is currently enabled. else MsgBox Full window drag is NOT enabled. end if
Business Process Execution Language for Web Services
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