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of Figures 5.5 and Figures 5.6 5.7, respectively. Furthermore I thank my other colleagues with whom I had the pleasure of working on the dynamics and bifurcations of delay lasers over the years. Finally, I gratefully acknowledge the support of my research by an Advanced Research Fellowship grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).
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Standard Application Model *Topic Map Query Language *Topic Map Constraint Language XML Vocabulary TC
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The balance and frequency of the distribution and separation of elements in information is the basis of communication. Imagine how difficult it would be to read this chapter if we removed every non-alphanumeric value no spaces, no periods, nothing but letters and numbers. One of the great things about the human mind is that we can make decisions based on what we ve learned throughout our lifetime. So, we could look at this unorganized mess of information and in time determine what s valid and what isn t. Unfortunately, the software used by our infrastructures is not as intelligent. We must format our information using the appropriate protocol standard so that we can communicate with the appropriate software. Formatted data used in application protocols relies primarily on the concept of delimiting. Delimiters are usually printable ASCII values that are nonalphanumeric. Let s take another look at the sample input stream; this time we ll escape characters normally not visible by a \:
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Part IV: Accessing the Operating System
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p, v, and e de ning the belonging and (or) connection of a node, respectively, to
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226. 227. /// Opening the Input and Output Streams...
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Figure 9-16
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with customers. For example, Federal Express allows customers to track their packages on the Web. This service is becoming commonplace, but it did not exist 10 years ago. uses CRM technology to make suggestions to customers based on their personal purchase histories. The ultimate development of CRM remains to be seen, but undoubtedly mobile communication will play a significant role. Many companies are already experimenting with systems to send messages to cell phone users that offer them special discounts and buying opportunities. CRM systems are designed to manage all the data related to customers such as marketing, field service, and contact management data. Over the course of the past year, CRM has become the primary focus of IS managers and CIOs responsible for prioritizing new systems acquisitions. CRM has also become the focus of ERP vendors who realize the need to tap into this growing market and to integrate CRM data with the other data already residing within the ERP system s database. The concept behind CRM is that better customer service means happier customers and greater sales, particularly repeat sales. Part of the service concept is field service support and contact management. Contact management facilitates the recording and storing of information related to each contact a salesperson has with a client and the context of the conversation or meeting. Additionally, each time the client makes contact regarding queries or service help, this information is also recorded. The result is that a salesperson can review all the historical information before calling on a customer and can be better prepared to provide that customer with targeted products and services. These systems also support the recording information about the customer contact such as spouse s name, children, hobbies, and so on, facilitating the salesperson in making quality contact with the customer. At the same time, the software supports the organizing and retrieving of information on historical sales activities and promotions planning. This facilitates the matching of sales promotions with customers buying trends. It is a particularly crucial area for integration with any existing ERP system because much of the information necessary to support sales analyses comes from the recording of sales event data in the ERP system. A third area that is prevalent in CRMs is support for customer service, particularly for phone operators handling customer support call-in centers. For many organizations, phone operators who have not had previous contact with the customer handle the bulk of customer service activities. The CRM quickly provides the phone operator with the information on the customer s history and usually links the operator with a database of solutions for various problems
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The corresponding formula for the cell area or location probability Acell is given as: Acell = where a= Pthr PRx 2 10 n log10 e b= 2 (10.23) (10.24) 1 2 a b 1 1 erf a + exp 1 erf 2 b2 1 a b b (10.22)
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One of the test tool capabilities arguably most bene cial for software development in the 21st century is precision timing points. Prior to having this capability, testers were relegated to using a stopwatch, a wall clock, or a sweep second hand on their wristwatch. If the application activity took 15 or 20 min to complete as was common in the 1970s, then chronometers provided suf cient timing point precision. As application response speeds became much faster, the Rule of 8 (see 9) re ected new sub-minute response time measurement needs. The tester needed and was provided with tool timing point precision to the millisecond. This leap in precision afforded the tester extremely precise response time measurements for both the total application process and subprocesses previously unattainable from stopwatch accuracy. The testing bene t of subprocess timing point precision is the ability to identify bottlenecks in the response path as illustrated in the Round Trip Performance Testing section of 9. The trend toward distributed computing in the 1980s led to an additional challenge for performance testers. The application was no longer spending time just on the end-user computer and a large host computer. The application time was distributed across a number of specialized midsize computers called servers. Even
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serialized version of an instance document. Putting those ideas together, all that this definition is saying is that the structure and content of an element or attribute (as represented by the corresponding element information item or
This will display the title and link text on the WAP phone screen, along with a GO... tag that is mapped to one of the phone s buttons. The JSP is a really a WML document (instead of an HTML document) that contains a scriptlet:
char tmp[MAILTMPLEN]; AUTHENTICATOR *auth; /* make upper case copy of mechanism name */ ucase (strcpy (tmp,mechanism));
Inventory Planning and Control
There are certain classes of compounds that are intrinsically unstable and/or prone to explosion. It is crucial to be aware of these classes, since examples might be prepared in the course of research that had never before been known. The chemist will not have a material safety data sheet as a warning, but the explosion will be just as dangerous. The classes include acetylenes, acetylide salts, and polyacetylenes; hydrazoic acid and all azides, organic or inorganic (excepting sodium azide, which is safe); diazonium salts and diazo compounds; organic or inorganic perchlorates; nitrate esters of polyols; metal salts of nitrophenols; nitrogen trihalides; and peroxides.
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