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Electricity is the fuel that your Windows Home Server uses to operate, so it might be surprising to see it in this section, but when you re learning about keeping your home server reliable and healthy, it s important to understand the good and the bad aspects of electricity. Computers operate best and most reliably when they are given a steady electrical supply. Brownouts can be caused by excess demand being placed on the electrical lines, either within your own home or anywhere in your town. When a system such as an air conditioner suddenly places additional demand on the electrical supply, it sometimes takes an instant for the power company s controlling equipment to respond to the demand. You may notice that the lights in your home flicker just a little when this occurs. For light bulbs this is not really a big deal, but these transient power fluctuations can shorten the life of the components in your home server. In addition, they can cause small errors on hard drives or in your server s memory and those errors can cause other problems. Power surges can happen any time. Small surges are sometimes caused by a sudden decrease in demand for current on the electrical lines. This might happen when your air conditioner turns off or when an electrical line is broken by a tree falling. Larger surges can be caused by electrical storms.
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Part II: Putting Your Lesson Together
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Sundrum was born in Madras, India, in 1964. Unlike his theory, he has hardly led a localized existence. In 1965, his family moved to the United States, then returned to India in 1970. They remained there for three years before they were off to Canberra, Australia. Sundrum completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney before flying over to Yale and carrying out his graduate studies. His Ph.D. adviser was cosmologist Lawrence Krauss, who has subsequently become a leading popularizer of science. Currently Sundrum is a professor at Johns Hopkins. Unlike some of his peers, Sundrum has no interest in rock climbing or mountaineering. Preferring quieter pursuits such as reading, he has long been fascinated by philosophical questions in science. Probing the nature of artificial intelligence and examining the mystery of evolution have been some of his pet topics, when he is not exploring higher dimensions. One of the baffling questions that drew Sundrum into the world of M-theory concerns the size of the cosmological constant. The Casimir effect predicts that even empty space must contain a certain amount of energy. This vacuum energy manifests itself in Einstein s equations as an extra antigravity term. The presence of a significant cosmological constant leads, in turn, to a prediction that the universe s expansion is highly accelerated. In other words, theoretical physics ordains that the cosmos should be blowing itself apart at an ever-hastening rate. As recent measurements have shown, the universe is indeed accelerating, but at a far slower pace than theory suggests. In an effort to explain the smallness of the cosmological constant, Sundrum teamed up with Randall and developed a brane world with substantially different features from the ADD approach. Instead of a flat, millimeter-sized extra dimension filling the gap between two branes, they took the Maldacena conjecture to heart and developed a saddle-shaped, anti-DeSitter universe surrounding a single brane. (Another paper they wrote together has two branes, making the designation of Randall-Sundrum model somewhat ambiguous; we focus here on their single-brane theory.) Borrowing a term from the Star Trek television series, a special tuning parameter called the warp factor governs the shape of the extra dimension.
list of allowed access and thinking through procedures when situations are presented that are outside of these boundaries are human processes without which the physical controls will have limited effectiveness. In order to form an opinion on the effectiveness of any control you evaluate, you will want to see examples of the control being successfully used to mitigate the risk its implementation was intended to control. This is more difficult to do with physical controls than logical ones, because audit trails are more difficult to obtain. Some of the physical controls have electronic components, which may provide opportunities to automatically record access attempts, but control effectiveness of a fence is difficult to prove directly. Other systems must, therefore, be used to indirectly validate their effectiveness. Guard stations and the maintenance of security reports and sign in logs are very important measurement tools for this reason, and their consistent use and accuracy should be part of your test procedures. Sometimes, these records will be depended upon to reconstruct a sequence of events for a security investigation that, at the time of recording the access, seemed extremely routine and unnecessary. To summarize, you must identify the risks and threats, perform a gap analysis of the existing controls to those risks, identify opportunities to measure performance of those controls, and evaluate this performance against expectations for the effectiveness of the control. Be creative and flexible in looking for risks and opportunities to compromise the systems and challenge the performance against the documented procedures to gain assurance that they are being performed against consistently.
Such an off-balance sheet SPE, with enhanced disclosures and capital support, would meet the other major concerns of investors. Most investors
As noted in the introduction to this chapter, if you take a look at most shellcode archives, you see a number of different shellcode snippets drawn from a fairly small set and doing mostly similar things. When you use shellcode as an attacker, you often find situations in which the code inexplicably refuses to work. The solution in these situations is normally to make an intelligent guess at what might be happening and then try to work around the problem. For instance, if your repeated attempts to spawn cmd.exe fail, you might want to try copying your own version of cmd.exe to the target host and trying to run that instead. Or, possibly you re trying to write to a file that (it turns out) you don t have permissions for; therefore, you might want to try and elevate privileges first. Or, maybe your break chroot code simply failed for some reason. Whatever the problem, the solution is almost always a painful period of piecing together scraps of assembler into another exploit or of simply finding some other way into the box. There is, however, a solution that is generic, elegant, and efficient in terms of shellcode size the syscall proxy.
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