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Trimming the Fat instead of Chewing It
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Authority People have a tendency to comply when a request is made by a person in authority. As discussed elsewhere in these pages, a person can be convinced to comply with a request if he or she believes the requestor is a person in authority or a person who is authorized to make such a request. In his book Influence, Dr. Cialdini writes of a study at three Midwestern hospitals in which twenty-two separate nurses' stations were contacted by a caller who claimed to be a hospital physician, and given instructions for administering a prescription drug to a patient on the ward. The nurses who received these instructions did not know the caller. They did not even know whether he was really a doctor (he was not). They received the instructions for the prescription by telephone, which was a violation of hospital policy. The drug they were told to administer was not authorized for use on the wards, and the dosage they were told to administer was twice the maximum daily dosage, and thus could have endangered the life of the patient. Yet in 95 percent of the cases, Cialdini reported, "the nurse proceeded to obtain the necessary dosage from the ward medicine cabinet and was on her way to administer it to the patient" before being intercepted by an observer and told of the experiment. Examples of attacks: A social engineer attempts to cloak himself in the mantle of authority by claiming that he is with the IT department, or that he is an executive or works for an executive in the company. Liking People have the tendency to comply when the person making a request has been able to establish himself as likable, or as having similar interests, beliefs, and attitudes as the victim. Examples of attacks: Through conversation, the attacker manages to learn a hobby or interest of the victim, and claims an interest and enthusiasm for the same hobby or interest. Or he may claim to be from the same state or school, or to have similar goals. The social engineer will also attempt to mimic the behaviors of his target to create the appearance of similarity. Reciprocation We may automatically comply with a request when we have been given or promised something of value. The gift may be a material item, or advice,
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Problems Happen When Data Is Translated
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The default values given in the supplied configuration files might suit a small web-hosting company with a multi-CPU PC; you should reduce the values before running an Apache system on an ordinary home/office PC. A second group of parameters in the configuration file control the behavior of the tribesman processes. These include:
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Client workstation
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IT Solutions for Agile Compliance
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Figure 5.27 Time dependence of the electric eld intensity for a bound charge at point z.
Random access memory, or RAM, is what the computer uses to store information and programs that are currently in use. Every job that your server is doing at a given point in time will require a chunk of memory, some for the actual computer code that describes the job, and more for the data that it is working on.
10: Project 5: Mobile Web Services 309
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a figure that is consistent with those obtained by other methods based on optical injection locking [59 61]. The present method has, however, the advantage of a simpler experimental set-up, that does not require optical spectrum nor RF spectrum analyses.
Larry Bunyard at Tektronix would love to do more comparison between his firm and his competitors to see where he stands next to industry leaders. He has an overwhelmingly practical perspective: "I want to spend a dollar more to beat Intel or to beat Agilent. I don't need to spend a hundred thousand dollars more, I just need to spend that one more so I'm at parity or beyond them depending upon strategy. That's impossible to determine today." As it turns out, there are a number of services out there that offer competitive Web intelligence.
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