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For now, concentrate on the first part of the script. Here, a loop block keeps on asking for a date until the user either supplies it or cancels. You can easily adjust this part to your needs and ask for all kinds of information (see Figure 2-3). Whenever you ask questions in a loop, always supply a way to cancel. The user may be unable to supply the correct answer, so you better provide a way out. In general, loops always need an exit condition. Otherwise, they ll run forever. Did you notice that this loop has two exit conditions The loop will exit whenever isDate finds a valid date. The loop will also exit when the user hits Cancel. In this case, isEmpty detects an empty value and exits the entire script: Wscript.Quit does the job.
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strictly related to acoustic noise measurements and mechanics. Optical non-contact vibration sensing techniques are generally called laser vibrometry. The most widely used approach is the so-called LDV (Laser Doppler Velocimetry) technique that is based on He-Ne lasers and conventional Michelson or Mach-Zehnder interferometers. Several commercial LDV instruments and systems have been successfully used in a variety of scientific and industrial applications such as modal analysis, vibration and noise testing, and characterization of loudspeakers and piezoceramic transducers [33, 34]. The self-mixing scheme has proved to be efficient for this application [35, 36, 37, 38]. Measurement of vibrations of amplitude much larger than /2 can be performed by applying the fringe counting technique described in Section 7.3.1, so that the periodic traget displacement is reconstructed [37]. Besides this, a direct self-mixing signal analysis can be performed in the frequency domain using FFT [38]. Irrespective of the optical feedback strength, the maximum frequency contained in the self-mixing signal for the case of a target vibrating at a frequency f0 with amplitude L0 is proportional to the product f0 L0 . Hence, spectral analysis of the self-mixing signal can supply information about the vibration frequency f0 (corresponding to the fundamental self-mixing signal frequency) and its amplitude, with an accuracy that can be slightly better than the SL wavelength. An example of direct FFT vibration measurement is shown in Figure 7.17. When smaller vibrations are to be measured, or a resolution much better than /2 is required, a different approach based on a closed-loop technique can be used. The principle, shown in Figure 7.18(a), relies on operation in the moderate feedback regime (with C > 1 and sawtooth-like interferometric signal) and on locking of the interferometer phase to the half-fringe position. By means of a suitable feedback loop acting on the SL wavelength, environmental low-frequency phase fluctuations can be cancelled out, and vibrations of amplitude smaller than /2 can be linearly transduced into an electrical signal. By adopting an additive active phase-tracking system, the maximum measurable vibration amplitude can be extended up to a few hundreds microns [36]. The operating principle relies on wavelength
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The projects reviewed can be categorized by their architecture into GMA-like and non-GMA-like systems. Nine of the projects (Autopilot, CODE, GridRM, JAMM, MDS3, Mercury, NWS, R-GMA and visPerf) provide a GMA-like architecture and therefore should be scalable, fault tolerant and ideally, interoperable. Even though this is the case, the overall implementation of these systems may actually prevent them meeting these goals. The non-GMA-like systems include GPIR, GridICE, Hawkeye and MapCenter.
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New Names, Old Ideas
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Retrograde Mapping
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