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At the left hand of the assignment, rst wave w4 will develop from the node to which this expression is applied, and then from each node of its SNR wave w5 will be replicated and applied, leading to the nal SNR on these two waves. In each of these nally reached nodes, local variables named N12 and N66 will be assigned the new contents as a vector given at the right hand of the assignment. If such variables do not exist in these nal nodes at the left, they will be created there and loaded with the right-hand vector value. These spatial processes are shown in Figure 2.19. Assigning Remote Results to Remote Variables. Arbitrary complex expressions operating directly with any data distributed throughout the united world can be composed and executed within the WAVE-WP model. For example, it is trivial to combine the previous two cases within a single expression that will be assigning multiple remote results, obtained in space when starting from some node, to multiple remote variables, reached from this node, as follows:
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What does it mean to optimise a UMTS network Going through the books which have the word optimisation in the title, the reader can feel a bit lost since this term is usually not defined. Often the word optimisation is used for network planning activities and even more often authors imply manual optimisation. What is, therefore, the right approach Optimisation theory is devoted to searching the coordinates of the highest (maximum) or the lowest value (minimum) of a function. This process can be very simple and conducted in analytical form when, e.g., the function derivatives can be computed in the entire domain. It can also turn out to be really complicated, usually when the function is described as a black box ; in this case, many iterations need to be performed to estimate the optimum. Therefore, optimisation theory as a whole additionally concentrates on methods which are able to find the optimum and do this as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the majority of real life optimisation problems, including UMTS radio network optimisation, cannot be treated in a direct and simple way by means of analytical optimisation, since the mathematical model of the network is far too complicated (if possible to create at all). The ideal situation would be a direct network synthesis to meet performance requirements, where the operator, using mathematical models, would be able to compute, e.g., exact coordinates of site locations or angles of antenna tilts. This seems to be impossible at the present state-of-the-art of network description; thus, other procedures need to be used. These comprise network performance analysis and, based on analytical results, making decisions about some parameter settings. This process is repeated until achieved results are acceptable, i.e. the network performance is good enough. In the above described process, we have two important modules. The first one calculates the network performance (analysis module) and the second one, based on the results from the first module, makes decisions about parameter value changes (decision module). In traditional (i.e. manual) network planning and optimisation processes, a network planning software tool executes the analysis module, while the human becomes the decision module. Consequently, a radio planning engineer configures network parameters manually and the network planning tool analyses the given configuration. If the
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Figure 4-19: Setup Wizard automatically includes all necessary files and objects. To make your COM object as compatible as possible, compile the COM objects on the latest Windows version available. For example, it may be necessary to compile your COM objects on a Windows 2000 machine for it to run on all Windows versions. Compiling on a Windows 98 machine may produce COM objects that do not run on Windows 2000. Once your software package is created, you should open the file setup.lst in your text editor. It contains the list of files the package will install. You can manually fine-tune the list and take out files you don t want to distribute (the run-time files, for example). You can also combine more than one distribution package prepare software packages for all of your COM objects, then combine the setup.lst entries of all packages and copy all distribution files in one folder. Now, your setup package installs all COM objects in one step. Be careful not to include a file reference more than once. Make sure any file that needs DLLRegisterServer registration is marked as DLLSelfRegister.
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Dr. Edward L. Jones, Florida A&M University, developed and published a simple, ve-step checklist for software testing. His intended audience is software developers
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5.2 Key Selection
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Managing Risk in Global Markets
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Figure 5.3 VCO tuning curves covering lower U.S. 802.11a band. The calibration algorithm selects the optimal curve such that the VCO can operate at a voltage around the middle of the charge pump compliance range.
where nodal variable M with value 1 marks polygons as cleaned in the corresponding CG nodes. Each branch terminates if there are no neighboring noncleaned polygons. This solution, based on searching neighboring noncleaned polygons only, may, however, fail to clean all polygons, as the remaining noncleaned polygons may happen to be separated from the current positions in space by the cleaned polygons. Regular Random Search. Another variant with local search only may be regular random movement to empty neighboring polygons, with repeated visiting and cleaning of the same polygons allowed, and in nite attempts to nd an empty neighbor, as follows:
This time, dialog.ShowWindow opens the window and returns whatever the user has typed in (see Figure 4-13).
to calculate the magnetic dipole moment of a good conducting sphere of radius a.
specifies the Class IDs of the COM components providing the new features.
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