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Terminology discussed in 12: Active Set Binding Update Care of Address Context transfer Correspondent Node Drift RNC Fast Handoff for Mobile IP Foreign Agent Global mobility Hard handover Home Address Home Agent Host Identity Protocol Localized mobility Make-before-break Mobile IPv4, Mobile IPv6 Mobility Anchor Point Mobility Management Context
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for race conditions based on timing or external triggers; < ow> for parallel routing; and <scope> for grouping activities to be treated by the same fault-handler. While standard Web services are stateless, work ows in BPEL4WS are stateful with persistent containers. A BPEL4WS container is a typed data structure which stores messages associated with a work ow instance. A partner could be any Web service that a process invokes or any Web service that invokes the process. Each partner is mapped to a speci c role that it lls within the business process. A speci c partner might play one role in one business process but a completely different role in another process. Message correlation is used to link messages and speci c work ow instances. A general structure of BPEL4WS is shown in Figure 7.11. Within the BPEL4WS model, data is accessed and manipulated using XML standards. Transformations within <assign> activities are expressed with XSLT [12] and XPath [13]. The use of XML as the data format and XML Schema [14] as the associated type system follows from the use of these standards in the WSDL speci cation. While BPEL4WS supports the notion of abstract processes , most of its focus is aimed at BPEL4WS executable processes.
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Located directly behind the cover page should be the key documents relevant to the audit. These might include the following:
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Many of the vulnerabilities discovered in closed source products are those that were weeded out of open source software years ago. Because of some of the challenges inherent to binary auditing, most of this software is under-audited or only fuzz-tested, and many vulnerabilities still lurk unnoticed. Although there is a bit of overhead work involved in binary auditing, it is not much more difficult than source-code auditing and simply requires a little more time. As time passes, many of the more obvious vulnerabilities will be fuzz-tested out of commercial software, and to find more subtle bugs, an auditor will have to do more in-depth binary analysis. Binary auditing may eventually become as commonplace as source code review it is definitely a field in which much work still needs to be done.
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Part of the strategic planning of the information systems must include a master plan of the IT architecture. The model should be kept current, be well documented, and be maintained for accuracy and completeness as changes occur and the direction evolves. Your evaluation will need to determine that the architecture supports the needs of the business. This systems map should include the data model as well as the infrastructure configuration. Knowing where data is, how it is created, what the data attributes are, and what dependencies exist for data interaction, help build an efficient process flow and identify opportunities for optimization and innovation. The term used to define a full explanation of data elements and all their attributes and syntax rules is a data dictionary. This is most often used in relation to complex database and process modeling applications. Having a well-documented data dictionary that incorporates the data classification process is a best practice that evidences a good control structure. Data classification is the process of valuing the data in terms of importance to the company, sensitivity to legal or privacy requirements, and is usually the responsibility of the data owner. Having this information will be very important for the security of the data, because it is a key to identifying who
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How Winners Spot Winners
are put off by the complexity and nontransparency of the mortgage securitization process. A broad survey of market participants on this subject concluded that their highest priorities were enhanced disclosures and more standardization of information.14 These priorities would be best served by maintaining an SPE as a separate accounting and reporting entity from the sponsoring bank. If the SPE s assets and liabilities are commingled with those of the sponsoring bank on its balance sheet, shareholders of the bank would have great dif culty in getting an accurate picture of a speci c SPE s nancial status.15 At the same time, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) should increase the disclosure obligations of the SPE as a separate entity when it makes an initial offering and then les its annual reports. In an initial public offering, the SEC currently requires only aggregate statistics on the assets held by the SPE. The SPE should also include in the offering statement data at the individual loan level so that investors can better evaluate the offering.16 The SEC currently permits a reporting entity to stop ling annual reports if its securities become held by fewer than 300 investors. This out is often used by SPEs to stop ling annual reports within a year after the initial offering.17 But the information of the ongoing status of most SPEs is important not only to their investors but also to shareholders of the bank sponsors of the SPEs. Therefore, the SEC should not allow SPEs to opt out of ling annual reports unless the total of their investors and their sponsors shareholders drop below 300.
Each of these functions has default definitions that can be overridden by subclasses. The header function outputs the mandatory last two lines of the final HTTP header, and then some standard HTML tags and content text for a page header:
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