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Stickiness is good if you're selling ad space or time. But slipperiness is also a virtue. Some areas of your site are significantly better if they have very low stickiness or high slipperiness. Let's start with some simple categorization.
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A system that is to be classi ed as an autonomic system should have the following major features. Self-protection A self-protecting system can detect and identify hostile behaviour and take autonomous actions to protect itself against intrusive behaviour. Self-protecting systems, as envisioned, could safeguard themselves against two types of behaviour: accidental human errors and malicious intentional actions. To protect themselves against accidental human errors, e.g. self-protecting systems could provide a warning if the system administrators were to initiate a process that might interrupt services. To defend themselves against malicious intentional actions, self-protecting systems would scan for suspicious activities and react accordingly without users being aware that such protection is in process. Besides simply responding to component failure or running periodic checks for symptoms, an autonomic system will always remain on alert, anticipating threats and preparing to take necessary actions. Autonomic systems also aim to provide the right information to the right users at the right time through actions that grant access based on the users roles and pre-established policies. Self-optimizing Self-optimizing components in an autonomic system are able to dynamically tune themselves to meet end-user or business needs with minimal human intervention. The tuning actions involve the reallocation of resources based on load balancing functions and system run-time state information to improve overall resource utilization and system performance. Self-healing Self-healing is the ability of a system to recover from faults that might cause some parts of it to malfunction. For a system to be self-healing, it must be able to recover from a failed component by rst detecting and isolating the failed component, taking it off line, xing and reintroducing the xed or replacement component into service without any apparent overall disruption. A self-healing system will also need to predict problems and take actions to prevent the failure from having an impact on applications. The self-healing
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3.8 Transient Waves in Finite Transmission Lines
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Figure 5.4: WebTrends Top Pages report. Keeping track of the top entry pages, as WebTrends does in the report shown in Figure 5.5, is crucial, as the first pages visitors see when they come to your site can make a serious first impression. You might very well think that your home page is the front door to your site, and you might very well be wrong.
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Chaos Synchronization
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If money market funds were permanently insured by the FDIC, this insurance would discourage large investors from bringing to bear market discipline on these funds. In the past, large investors have looked carefully at the holdings and strategies of prime money market funds to avoid situations that would come anywhere near breaking the buck. Large investors also have given serious consideration to the quality and nancial soundness of the managers of these funds. If large investors are willing to accept lower returns in return for no risk of credit losses, they do not need insured money market funds; they can easily shift their monies to government money market funds. Instead of continuing an insurance program for money market funds, the federal government should tighten the regulations for holdings by prime funds. Under current SEC rules, a prime fund may hold a debt security with a maturity of slightly more than one year, and the fund s average maturity may not exceed 90 days. These relatively loose maturity limits increase the risk of credit losses to a prime fund s portfolio, which can break the buck with only .5 of 1 percent in losses. Therefore, the SEC should decrease the maturity limit for an individual debt security in a prime fund from over one year to 6 months, and decrease the average maturity for any prime fund from 90 to 60 days.57 In addition, the SEC should eliminate the ability of prime funds to invest 5 percent in secondtier-rated commercial paper.
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vena cava. Blood ows across the tricuspid valve, and with ventricular contraction takes a U-turn and travels out through the pulmonary valve and into the pulmonary arteries. The coronary sinus empties into the inferior and septal right atrial wall near the tricuspid valve. The body of the coronary sinus straddles the left atrium and left ventricle and is not seen in this view of the right atrium and right ventricle, but it is shown in Fig. 2.3 as it travels epicardially between the left atrium and the left ventricle. The coronary sinus
Emotional control can make or break your trading. Many traders mistakenly believe that all they need to succeed is a cognitive breakthrough the discovery of some numerical relationship or more reliable statistical indicator that will push their trading over the top. Like knights in search of the Holy Grail, they study charts, numbers, and patterns. Yet for many, that quest is just not enough. As an experienced trader with almost three decades of trading under my belt, I believe that the reason many traders fail is simple: They are not emotionally prepared to win. Technically they know how to trade, but emotionally, they are unable to succeed. In other words, their lack of emotional control undermines their trading and guarantees their failure. The psychological aspects of trading are tremendous. One resource that has
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