Segmentation Battle Station in .NET

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GET THE SCOOP ON... Choosing a catchy user ID Getting a feel for eBay as a buyer Show me the money
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force to be a gauge theory as well. This hybrid seemed quite promising, except for a fundamental dilemma. To preserve its mathematical symmetry, the Yang-Mills mechanism permits only massless gauge particles. Thus, if such an approach were to explain the weak force, physicists would need either to detect new massless particles, or come up with a way of giving the gauge particles mass without destroying the essential symmetry. The first option was impossible; all the abundant massless particles could easily be detected and would be well known. Of the existing particles, only the photon and possibly the neutrino seemed to lack mass (we now know that it has a small mass). The photon was known to be the gauge particle of the electromagnetic force only. The neutrino couldn t be a gauge particle because it had all the wrong properties; for one thing it was a fermion, not a boson as required. Therefore no much massless carrier of the weak force could exist. That left the second option: lending mass to the exchange boson. In 1964, Peter Higgs of the University of Edinburgh found a clever way of doing this: a method known as spontaneous symmetry breaking. This approach is based on the discovery that symmetries within one context might break down in another. A change in environment might precipitate a phase transition that converts a perfectly symmetric situation into one with a flaw. For example, a completely square block of pavement, cooled down suddenly during an icy January day, might spontaneously develop a noticeable crack. Its left side might then no longer be a mirror image of its right side, ruining its initial symmetry. To establish the conditions for spontaneous symmetry breaking, Higgs added an extra field to the Yang-Mills equations. This Higgs field would fill the universe, reacting to changing temperature conditions. During the fiery early moments of the universe, the Higgs field would enjoy a state of perfect gauge freedom, able to assume any configuration in its internal space. Its gauge pointer could rotate in any direction, like a rapidly spinning roulette wheel. But then, as the universe cooled off, the Higgs field would undergo a phase transition to a different energy state. In doing so, it would lose its gauge degrees of freedom. Its pointer would be trapped in a single direction, like a roulette wheel that has run out of power.
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database containing the list of people authorized to have access to the storage unit. Adding a name to the list allowed the imposters to obtain the computer backup tapes they were after, without having to break into the firm's storage unit. Because most businesses don't encrypt backup data, the information was theirs for the taking. This incident provides one more example of how a vendor company that does not exercise reasonable security precautions can make it easy for an attacker to compromise their customer's information assets. THE NEW BUSINESS PARTNER Social engineers have a big advantage over con men and grifters, and the advantage is distance. A grifter can only cheat you by being in your presence, allowing you to give a good description of him afterward or even call the cops if you catch on to the ruse early enough. Social engineers ordinarily avoid that risk like the plague. Sometimes, though, the risk is necessary, and justified by the potential reward. Jessica's Story Jessica Andover was feeling very good about getting a job with a hotshot robotics company. Sure, it was only a start-up and they couldn't pay very much, but it was small, the people were friendly, and there was the excitement of knowing her stock options just might turn out to make her rich. Okay, maybe not a millionaire like the company founders would be, but rich enough. Which was how it happened that Rick Daggot got a glowing smile when he walked into the lobby that Tuesday morning in August. In his expensive- looking suit (Armani) and his heavy gold wrist-watch (a Rolex President), with his immaculate haircut, he had that same manly, selfconfident air that had driven all the girls crazy when Jessica was in high school. "Hi," he said. "I'm Rick Daggot and I'm here for my meeting with Larry." Jessica's smile faded. "Larry " she said. "Larry's on vacation all week." "I have an appointment with him at one o'clock. I just flew in from Louisville to meet with him," Rick said, as he drew out his Palm, turned it on, and showed her.
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Profile of a Winner
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Many job seekers don t bother to send cover letters because they assume they won t be read. It s true that
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Responding to Events Inside Your Documents
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Figure 20-6: Automatically upload entire local Web sites.
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