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3: CLDC API and Reference Implementation 43 Running
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No one knows how your software will be used in the future or what other tasks it may be called on to perform when circumstances change. The spur for this may be a commercial opportunity or sheer desperation. Eidos, who is now known as the highly successful manufacturer of Lara Croft games, started out in 1990 producing video-editing software on the old Acorn Archimedes computer. This brilliant program was far ahead of its time. Sales never got off the ground. However, the company recognized the value of some of its key modules and adapted them for the high-speed video compression components required by modern computer games. If their premature program had not been flexible the corporation would have died. Flexibility is good business insurance.
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Contents Evaluating IS Operational Practices Computer Operations Printer Operators Media Library Management Physical Access to Operations Areas Help Desk and User Support Job Scheduling Configuration Management Asset Management Change Management Evaluating System Performance Monitoring Techniques, Processes, and Tools Capacity Planning Problem Management Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Resources Sample Questions 4 Protection of Information Assets Security Risks and Review Objectives The Security Officer s Role Privacy Risk The Security Program Policy and Standards Periodic Security Assessments and Planning Designing Security from the Start Identification, Authentication, and Authorization Need to Know Security Controls Economics Role-Based Access Evaluating Account Administration User Account Management Single Sign-On Solutions Application Design Security Application and Data Access Information Ownership and Custodianship Evaluating Logical Access Controls Good Passwords Strong Authentication PKI and Digital Signatures Biometric Access Controls Network User Access Information Security Architecture Security Plans and Compliance Host-Based Security 147 148 150 151 154 155 156 158 159 160 164 164 166 168 169 171 172 179 181 183 186 187 189 195 197 198 200 201 202 204 205 208 209 210 212 215 215 218 219 222 223 224 225 230
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Trial and Error
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Bob s User Agent
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Software Testing: Testing Across the Entire Software Development Life Cycle, by G. D. Everett and R. McLeod, Jr. Copyright 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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XSD Elements
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The same initial network as in Section was simulated with 10 Monte-Carlo runs, consisting of a total of 9922 simulated mobiles (7.4 times more compared to the non-loaded case). The indicators used for assessing the quality of this network are the same as for the unloaded scenario. The initial network quality presented in the Table 15.3, compared to the non-loaded case, is lower by 2.2 %, mostly due to a higher percentage of mobiles with low values of Ec /I0 ; this is in-line with the common understanding of CDMA dynamics.
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Although proprietary trading may be risky if viewed in isolation, it is often part of a larger strategy to hedge portfolio investments of the bank to lock in funding or currency rates for future transactions. A second suggestion is to prohibit banks or their af liates from managing hedge funds and private equity funds. But many of these funds are quite pro table. They are also designed to reduce risk by providing absolute returns, regardless of whether the securities market is going up or down. A third suggestion is to prohibit banks from managing mutual funds to prevent the blurring of boundaries between buy side and sell side, and the mingling of client funds with those of a bank or its employees. 36 However, mutual fund assets are held in segregated accounts and their management fees provide banks with a stable ow of income, as compared with the volatile revenue and principal risk associated with lending and other traditional bank operations. In addition, critics have complained that the repeal of the GlassSteagall Act expanded the potential con icts of interest between securities underwriting and lending activities of large banks. Such potential con icts are regulated by federal statutes that prohibit or limit transactions between banks and their af liates. For example, Section 23B of the Federal Reserve Act prohibits any bank from making an extension of credit to a borrower at below-market terms when an af liate, including an underwriting af liate, is a participant in the transaction or when the proceeds of such an extension of credit are used for the bene t of an af liate.37 These statutes have been fairly effective in the past, though they could be applied to a broader range of transactions between a bank and its af liates such as hedge funds and private equity funds advised by bank af liates.38 Finally, critics have claimed that certain commercial banks are guilty of tying arrangements, such as conditioning loans to companies on winning their securities underwriting business in the near future. The empirical studies on this claim reach different results,39 perhaps because tying arrangements are not usually formalized in writing. One study found tying arrangements, but concluded that companies often bene ted from these arrangements through lower costs for both loans and underwriting.40 Federal statutes prohibit banking institutions from using tying arrangements to engage in anticompetitive behavior. For example, Section 106 of the Bank Holding Company Act prohibits any bank or bank holding company from requiring any borrower to buy
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