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Part IV
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In this paragraph we analyse the number of connections sorted out by the speci c protocols. We split the graphs into UMTS and GPRS to gain a better overview on the traf c. In section 12.2 we learned that the service mix, derived from the volume of each connection, on GPRS and UMTS is evolving towards a service share measured in wireline networks. This analysis focuses on the number of connections. Again, we ltered out all connections with fewer than three packets and also those with no packet in either up- or downlink direction. Table 13.1 depicts the TCP/UDP share for UMTS and GPRS for different datasets. The share of TCP connections is around 90%. The value is stable over the last three years. Nevertheless there is a difference compared to traces from wireline networks (Thompson et al. 1997). The TCP/UDP connection share is nearly identical for UMTS and GPRS. This fact again indicates that subscribers use mobile Internet services.
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Observing Other Teachers Teacher s name: Class profile and level: What were the aims and objectives of the lesson How well was target language presented Was the teacher s language well graded Comment on the teacher s use of the board. How varied was the interaction Which activities did the class do Which materials did the class use How clear were the instructions To what extent did students participate Did the stages of the lesson flow How did the teacher handle correction and feedback
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WLAN and Other Alternative Access Methods
2. Evade the question. If you would prefer not to answer a question because you find it offensive or because you know that the information it elicits could be used against you, you do not have to answer it. You can choose to dodge it. Using humor is often one way of doing that. For example, if asked, Do you have any children you can say, Well, if you include my husband, my tank of fish, and our two cats, I suppose I have 17 children. (Of course, this reply presumes that you don t mind having the interviewer know you re married, and I wouldn t include the husband part if speaking with a male interviewer!) The interviewer is left not knowing whether you have two children and 12 fish, or no children and 14 fish and will probably be so taken aback and perplexed that she will move onto another question. 3. Openly refuse to answer the question. If a question is blatantly discriminatory, offensive, or just plain stupid, you might want to respond in a more direct manner. You can say, for example, Does my religious affiliation have any bearing on this job However you reply, don t be defensive, and try not to make a major ordeal out of the situation. Keep in mind that some interviewers will ask illegal questions simply because they don t know any better, not because they are biased. There s no need to alienate them unnecessarily.
Attribute Groups
4: Developing Your Own Script Components
Listing 10.2 A simplified customer instance document (SimpleCustomer.xml).
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