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This script does a number of surprising things. First, it uses your custom Run method to retrieve the ProcessID of the program you launched. Next, it loops and waits for GetWindowFromProcess to return the window handle. The moment GetWindowFromProcess returns a valid handle (non-zero), your script knows the program is visible on-screen. It outputs the window handle, as shown by Figure 12-2.
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(Courtesy of GigaFast Ethernet USA)
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This corresponds to the case that (ini ) E 0,X | X =Ntot is maximum at a value of 1. This is 0 also the upper bound of the system capacity for an idealized multiple-access channel. In this case, the SINR expression in (3.42) is the same as the SINR expression in an idealized multiple-access channel in (3.18) with signal propagation attenuation terms all equal to 1. Thus, the system capacity approaches that in an AWGN channel [3]. Note that the numerical results used here with 100 RAKE ngers are only to illustrate the link between the multipath channel and the AWGN channel. In practical systems, it may be dif cult to have 100 RAKE ngers. Numerical results can be obtained for K traf c classes, and the system capacity is in a K-dimensional space. (n 1 , . . . , n K ) are admissible as long as they are within its system capacity.
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2. Guaranteeing packages of mortgages sold as securities to investors
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253 Administrators, who can add loan item records and record returns (and can also search for or borrow items). Senior administrators, who have the additional options of adding new member records and new loan item records.
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Software, and specifically operating system software, will always have bugs. Companies such as Microsoft strive to reduce the number of these bugs that their software has, but developers are human, and humans make mistakes. Microsoft has gotten very good at eliminating the obvious mistakes with automated code analysis tools, but hackers and virus writers are always innovating and have found ways to exploit even the most secure systems. When vulnerabilities or bugs are found, software vendors have to build, test and release updates to keep their customers software running properly and securely.
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When they start a business, many people think sales cost nothing. Often they are right, technically. The CEO does the selling as part of his role, and usually very successfully. People love buying from a senior executive or founder. Who wouldn t like to buy their next Dell from Michael Dell The other reason that top people are frequently such effective salespeople is they know their product inside out and give immediate, first-rate answers to every reservation. This gives doubters confidence and quickly wins them over. The transition occurs when you start employing people just to sell. You then need to know exactly what they have to achieve to break even. You d be amazed how many people don t know how many sales each one has to achieve per month before the company profits. However, the odds work just the same whether management knows them or not, and you are better off being aware of what they amount to. In the end you are the person who is going to have to find the money to pay for it all. There are essentially three figures to watch: The selling cycle The monthly cost of sales The profit The selling cycle is usually considered a calendar month, which is why bills are normally invoiced and paid monthly all over the world. In retail outlets it can be much shorter, sometimes a day, though more usually a week. When selling in units of exceptional value (government contracts and so on) the cycle may be quarterly, bi-annually, or even a year. One of the biggest factors that affect the length of the cycle is unit cost. Another is the time it takes to evaluate the product. A $25 utility program is likely to be bought on the spur of the moment, whereas a multicurrency, pan-organizational accounts suite is difficult to evaluate properly in less than a year. When you begin to develop your program, you can only guess what the selling cycle is likely to be. If in unknown territory, the best bet is to be guided by similar products. Unfamiliar products and those introducing new thinking are particularly hard to predict. When Stac Software s Stacker disk compression software got going in 1993 (a point at which program sizes were growing faster than affordable disks to store them on), it took some time for even big names in the IT industry to latch on. The harder a product concept is to appreciate, the longer the sales cycle will inevitably be. Statistically, there is invariably some client who is an exception to any rule, a product evangelist who buys a new, unknown, and conceptual program quickly. Don t be misled by exceptions, however desirable. Sales cycles are averages, not Guinness Book records.
Figure 2.12. Distribution of the united physical virtual world in the execution world.
FIGURE 10.2 A weekly trendline chart. Opening prices for each week are noted on the graph. A trendline is formed by connecting those prices.
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