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himself Tom Stilton and checking the names and phone numbers he gave. He was certainly correct in making the phone call to the supervisor. But in the end he was taken in by the young man's air of confidence and indignation. It wasn't the behavior he would expect from a thief or intruder--only a real employee would have acted that way.., or so he assumed. Leroy should have been trained to count on solid identification, not perceptions. Why wasn't he more suspicious when the young man hung up the phone without handing it back so Leroy could hear the confirmation directly from Judy Underwood and receive her assurance that the kid had a reason for being in the plant so late at night Leroy was taken in by a ruse so bold that it should have been obvious. But consider the moment from his perspective: a high-school graduate, concerned for his job, uncertain whether he might get in trouble for bothering a company manager for the second time in the middle of the night. If you had been in his shoes, would you have made the follow-up call But of course, a second phone call wasn't the only possible action. What else could the security guard have done Even before placing the phone call, he could have asked both of the pair to show some kind of picture identification; they drove to the plant, so at least one of them should have a driver's license. The fact that they had originally given phony names would have been immediately obvious (a professional would have come equipped with fake ID, but these teenagers had not taken that precaution). In any case, Leroy should have examined their identification credentials and written down the information. If they both insisted they had no identification, he should then have walked them o the car to retrieve the company ID badge that "Tom Stilton" claimed he had left there. MITNICK MESSAGE Manipulative people usually have very attractive personalities. They are typically fast on their feet and quite articulate. Social engineers are also skilled at distracting people's thought processes so that they cooperate. To think that any one particular person is not vulnerable to this manipulation is to underestimate the skill and the killer instinct of the social engineer.
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fs.CreateFolder docu else MsgBox Can t continue. , vbCritical WScript.Quit end if end if open status window: set window = OpenWindow( Querying TypeLib , 600, 400) windowavailable = true PrintNew window, Decoding & lib & Type Library<BR> enumerate typelib interfaces set interfaces = typelib.GetInterfaces(lib) enumerate other information contained in typelib set modules = typelib.GetTypeInfos(lib) find out number of information blocks to show progress allelements = interfaces.Count + modules.Count allcounter = 0 create auto-documentation files autodocument interfaces autodocument modules close status window: closeisok=true window.Quit result = MsgBox( Do you want to open documentation folder , _ vbYesNo + VbQuestion) command = EXPLORER.EXE /e,/root, & docu if result = vbYes then wshshell.Run command end if place a link to documentation on desktop where s the desktop if link then desktop = wshshell.SpecialFolders( desktop ) set scut = wshshell.CreateShortcut(desktop & \script host docu.lnk ) scut.TargetPath = explorer.exe scut.Arguments = /e,/root, & docu scut.IconLocation = wscript.exe,0 end if sub autodocument(collection) create subfolder for this type library: foldername = docu & fs.GetBaseName(lib) & \ if not fs.FolderExists(foldername) then
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Support batch jobs; Support a variety of platforms; Authentication and authorization support. However, the four systems differ in many ways. Table 6.5 gives a comparison of the four systems in terms of availability, usability, jobs supported, work-load management, fault tolerance and accounting. Availability: Condor and SGE 5.3 can be freely downloaded. However, PBS Pro and LSF are commercial products. Windows platform support: PBS Pro and LSF fully support Windows platform. Condor partially supports Windows platform. SGE currently does not support Windows. GUI support: The use of Condor is based on command-line interfaces. However, the following graphic tools can be used with Condor: Condor view: Shows a graphical history of the resources in a pool.
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The cost-benefit criterion dictates that a company formally assess the risks it faces. The following questions must be answered by the organization:
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<security-role> <role-name> worker </role-name> </security-role> <security-role> <role-name> manager </role-name> </security-role> <security-role> <role-name> boss </role-name> </security-role> </web-app>
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How do you get the form to fire the WakeUp event the moment it is displayed Use the forms Resize procedure. This procedure is called anytime a form is resized, and the Show method also invokes this procedure. To make sure the form fires only once, the Resize procedure blocks the event firing mechanism using enableEvent: Once the event is fired the first time, it sets enableEvent to false and prohibits any further event firing.
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Golden Keys to Unlocking the Secrets of the Financial Markets
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Which Windows version is running
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We get:
Federal Housing Finance Board - Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac
As with the credentials structure, filedesc is also trivial to access and alter with only two instruction additions to our payload:
Listing 2.3 File that contains no middle name (johndoe.xml).
Figure 9-17
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