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A few years ago H. Weyl made a surprisingly bold thrust toward the solution of [the unification] problem, one of the great favorite ideas of the human spirit. Disregarding the difficulties which accomplish H. Weyl s deep-seated theory, ideally, one can imagine an even more perfect realization of the quest for unity: the gravitational and electromagnetic fields stem from a single universal tensor. I wish to show here, that such a tight union of both world powers seems possible in principle.16
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9 Squashing Bugs at the Source
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<% if(! userInfo.isValid()) { %> <jsp:forward page="badInput.jsp" /> <% } %> <% if(userInfo.createInDatabase() < 1) { %> <jsp:forward page="NoDB.html" /> <% } %>
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New versions contain serious new features and the inevitable fixes. New versions are typified by a new version number (such as Windows Server 2003) or even a new name. New versions normally command an upgrade price rather than forcing the user to repurchase.
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In section 1.5, phase velocity, u p ( ) = c n ( ) = c r ( ) , and group velocity, ug = c/[n( ) + dn( )/d ], for a pulse of light were considered in a medium with an index of refraction is the square root of the real part of the medium permittivity; the quantity in square brackets was called the group refractive index. If n( ) varied linearly with frequency, the effect of the modi ed interference for a pulse (having several Fourier components) was to shift the peak of the pulse in time, but with the pulse shape staying the same. We have now observed in this section that the real part of the relative permittivity of a medium, Equation 5.109 or 5.110, can be more complicated than a linear dependence on frequency. If a pulse is described by an incident time-dependent wave train, Ei(0, t), that has a well-de ned beginning at z = 0 (called Port 1), how would the signal reconstruct itself at some later time at a remote point, z = l (called Port 2), if the real part of its relative permittivity is not linear with frequency Some authors20 assume electric eld intensity of the wave is orthogonally incident from air into a medium at Port 1 and include the transmission coef cient 2.44b for normal incidence (cos i = 1) to write the amplitude of the electric eld of the wave for z > 0 in terms of its Fourier transform as
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The Crux
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Now that Jim Wilde has had a walk-through of the agile compliance process, he wants to hear an explanation of how much this whole project is going to cost, and why the investment is going to be worth it. Initially, he balks at the figures millions to get started, and over one million a year in ongoing expense for agile compliance. Wouldn t it be easier, and cheaper, he asks, just to keep doing Sarbanes Oxley the way they did it the first year Yes and no, explains Dale Steyer. The agile compliance program is an investment, and it is likely to yield good returns for DexCo in hard dollars as well as intangibles. He proceeds to outline the ways in which agile compliance will pay off for DexCo. Agile compliance, if implemented correctly, has the potential to reduce the firm s outlay for compliance and audit over time. Eventually, the firm will spend less on compliance and external audit than it currently does. In addition, it is probable that DexCo s audit and SOX compliance fees will rise in the future as the company expands and faces remediation of deficient internal controls. Agile compliance mitigates against this potential.
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5.11 Permittivity Summary
A critical value for D can be de ned. Note sup Z is the supremum of the set Z. Loosely speaking if Z is a subset of T then sup Z is the smallest element of T which is greater than or equal to all elements of Z. Based on the value of D the assumption that Fn (x) is a member of F (x) will then either be accepted or rejected. The value depends on the distribution and the level of signi cance chosen. For empirical measurements D is often above the critical value as the data does not originate from a single analytical distribution. Therefore, the value of D is used to nd the distribution that best ts the measurement data.
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