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Is the Mobile WiMAX architecture an IMT-Advanced architecture In fact, the most distinguishing feature, support of heterogeneous ANs, is missing in Figure 22.3. While the Home Agent in the WiMAX CSN can, in principle, enable inter-technology handover to nonWiMAX ANs, the current Release 1 of Mobile WiMAX does not yet support it. Therefore, Mobile WiMAX Release 1 has indeed an IMT-2000 architecture (cf. Figure 4.1). Future releases of Mobile WiMAX are, however, expected to provide for seamless inter-technology handover and thus to be IMT-Advanced conformant. Regarding bandwidth, the IEEE is working currently on 802.16m, an amendment to the WiMAX standard which will satisfy IMT-Advanced requirements on the radio interface.
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Delay Crossing Share versus Time at UMTS SGSN UL 00:01 to 23:51; Time Bins of 5 min.
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15: Registry Tweaks
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(Courtesy of Belkin Components)
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Data Networks and Radio
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9 Squashing Bugs at the Source
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