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The trade-off between customized software and packaged software is to have software that provides a general structure. Customers can modify this software by customizing the functions. For example, lots of database software provides a general database structure. Based on different individual needs, users can develop different applications for different environments.
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Quality Assurance Planning and Review Processes
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In this code, which deals with MIME headers sent as part of a request to the Web server, if the first two if statements are true, the buffer allocated will be 1 byte too small. The final memcpy call will write a null byte out of bounds. Exploitability of this bug proved to be very difficult due to the custom heap implementation; however, it is a blatant case of an off-by-one dealing with null-termination. Any loop that null-terminates a string at the end of it should be doublechecked for an off-by-one-condition. The following code, found within the OpenBSD ftp daemon, illustrates the problem:
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Mobile terminal BTS: base station
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4. In a systems development life cycle, the following process steps occur: I. Systems Design II. Feasibility Analysis III. Systems Testing and Acceptance IV. Systems Specification Documentation V. Functional Requirements Definition VI.Systems Development What is the natural order of the processes in an SDLC methodology A. V, IV, II, I, VI, III B. V, II, IV, I, VI, III C. II, IV, V, VI, I, III D. II, V, I, VI, III, IV 5. Where would be the ideal place for an IS auditor to find the first consideration of security controls A. During the design phase of the system development process B. When determining what the systems specification will need to be C. When reviewing the functional requirements for the system D. When testing the system for overall compliance to regulatory, privacy, and security requirements 6. The main difference between a functional requirement and a systems specification is: A. A functional requirement is a business process need, and a systems specification defines what the system must do to meet that need. B. Functional requirements address the details of the need form a data perspective, and systems specifications define them from an operational systems perspective. C. Functional requirements define more of what needs to happen, and systems specifications define how something will happen. D. Functional requirements define all aspects of the process flow from a business process perspective while systems specifications are more hardware and operating system-specific.
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There are two main differences between AT&T syntax and Intel syntax. The first is that AT&T syntax uses the mnemonic source,dest whereas Intel uses the mnemonic dest,source. This reversal can get confusing when translating to GNU s gas (which uses AT&T) and OllyDbg or other Windows tools, which use Intel. Assuming you can switch operands around a comma in your head, one more important difference between AT&T and Intel syntax exists: addressing. Addressing in x86 is handled with two registers, an additive value, and a scale value, which can be 1, 2, 4, or 8. Hence, mov eax, [ecx+ebx*4+5000] (in Intel syntax for OllyDbg) is equivalent to mov 5000(%ecx,%ebx,4),%eax in GNU assembler syntax (AT&T). I would exhort you to learn and use AT&T syntax for one simple reason: It is unambiguous. Consider the statement mov eax, [ecx+ebx]. Which register is the base register, and which register is the scale register This matters especially when trying to avoid characters, because switching the two registers, while they seem identical, will assemble into two totally different instructions.
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catch (RemoteException ex) { frame.messlab.setText("RemoteException"); } }
15: Registry Tweaks
The term heap overflow can be used for many bug primitives. It is helpful, as always, to put yourself in the programmer s shoes and discover what kind of mistakes he or she possibly made, even if you don t have the source code for
Reactive Protocol
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