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read_record method of the DataParser class. The names of the cities are stored in Hashtable; the weather fields such as Date, Sunrise, Sunset, etc., are stored in a Vector; and the values associated with these fields are stored in the device s database (using the RecordStore class). The DataParser class is used to parse the XML received from SQL Server, which has the capability to receive a query and to send back the result in XML format. The XML generated by SQL Server in case of Weather Service is shown in Figure 10-22.
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Measuring the value of viral marketing is interesting, but insider influence is also notable, seldom considered, and may be as bottom-line valuable as getting the word out to new prospects. Insider influencers are people (primarily in the technology sector) who like to help others. They become part of the community we discussed in 12, "Maximizing Customer Information: The Personalization Continuum." Measuring the impact of specific customers on your support costs has become a science. First, you need to get a handle on how many people are posting messages to which topics. For that, there are companies like PeopleMetrics ( In addition to providing bulletin board software that can be accessed 24/7 and integrates multimedia, graphics and Web pages, PeopleMetrics provides reports to help keep track of which volunteers are posting how often to which topics (see Figure 13.6).
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The sorting capabilities are so powerful you can even sort for multiple columns: In the example, the script first sorts column 0 (file name), then column 1 (file type). The result is a sorted list that lists the files sorted by type and within the types sorted by name.
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Quick setup for mobile workgroups, such as accounting audit teams, or trade-show workers Installation of networks in older buildings where it would not be costeffective to pull cable Warehouse access to central databases of inventory information Business continuity for critical applications in disaster-recovery schemes Real-time customer service information systems at car rentals or airports
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