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In GPIR a client can search for information by resource category, class, functionality, capability and value. The use of Web services provides an open approach for clients to access the GPIR database. However, standards like GLUE are not used to describe resource data, so clients may need to perform extra processing to transform data into a format suitable for their needs.
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Very few people work publicly in the field of Cisco IOS exploitation, partially due to its arcane nature, partially because of the expensive single-use equipment needed. With the availability of the Cisco 7200 simulator (, more people have the chance to play with this interesting software platform.
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Multiple forms and hidden data.
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Let {P( j)} be the steady-state probabilities of the Markov chain. Solving the Markov chain, we get j 1 P(0), j! C CG 1 ( ) ( n + h ) 1 P( j) = P(0), ( ) j j! C C 1 j (C C G ) G ( ) ( n + h ) ( h ) P(0), ( ) j j! where P(0) = 1 +
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Table 24-2 Filter Codes for Enumerating User Accounts
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The United States Steals the Show
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where the rst and last terms in the integrand cancel over the integrated plane and the remaining integrand terms are
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UMTS Networks and Beyond
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There is a second order correction in the power loss due to the location of a dipole in the neighborhood of a at conducting surface that requires an image dipole above the interface. The correction depends on the distance of the dipoles from the interface and hence is a function of the stack-up.
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Solaris/SPARC Shellcode Basics
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Web application example: Membership
Distributing Your Self-Made COM Objects
There are two ways to get a shell from a socket in Windows. In Unix, you would use dup2() to duplicate the file handles for standard in and standard out, and then execve( /bin/sh ). In Windows, life gets complicated. You can use your socket as input for CreateProcess( cmd.exe ) if you use WSASocket() to create it instead of socket(). However, if you stole a socket from the process or didn t use WSASocket() to create your socket, you need to do some complex maneuvering with anonymous pipes to shuffle data back and forth. You may be tempted to use popen(), except it doesn t actually work in Win32, and you ll be forced to reimplement it. Remember a few key facts: 1. CreateProcessA needs to be called with inheritance set to 1. Otherwise when you pass your pipes into cmd.exe as standard input and standard output they won t be readable by the spawned process. 2. You have to close the writable standard output pipe in the parent process or the pipe blocks on any read. You do this after you call CreateProcessA but before you call ReadFile to read the results. 3. Don t forget to use DuplicateHandle() to make non-inheritable copies of your pipe handles for writing to standard input and reading from standard output. You ll need to close the inheritable handles so they don t get inherited into cmd.exe. 4. If you want to find cmd.exe, use GetEnvironmentVariable( COMSPEC ). 5. You ll want to set SW_HIDE in CreateProcessA so that little windows don t pop up every time you run a command. You also need to set the STARTF_USESTDHANDLES and STARTF_USESSHOWWINDOW flags. With this in mind, you ll find it easy to write your own popen() one that actually works.
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