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6 Development
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Figure 4.19 Measured visibility curves versus arm length difference for a laser operating at 6 mW with an external cavity of 8 cm, at (a) feedback = 5 6 109 sec 1 , (b) = 2 4 109 sec 1 . Source: After [47] 1985 IEEE.
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To this point only the free running linewidth of the laser systems has been considered. For diode lasers, the instantaneous linewidth is more than an order of magnitude broader than that predicted by the Schawlow-Townes formula, and the linewidth is further broadened by sources of technical noise that affect the frequency. These effects can result in a diode laser radiating over a frequency range spanning a significant portion of its gain envelope. Such a large linewidth can prohibit the use of diode lasers in some of the applications that will be discussed in Section 8.5. In this section some frequency stabilization techniques that narrow the linewidth of the laser will be described. The output wavelength of a laser is proportional to the length of the optical path of the laser cavity which is the product of the cavity length, l, and the refractive index, n. Rearranging Equation (8.1) gives the frequencies that are allowed to oscillate in the resonator: fM = Mc 2nl where M is an integer (8.21)
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Role-Based Access
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Stack Data Protections
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Null Values
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Early programmers, by contrast, were often self-sufficient loners who, in the recesses of their parents garage, were reinventing the world on a screen. Even today, end users often find it hard to avoid a feeling that computer programs are written for those who write them rather than those who are intended to use them. We have all been frustrated by at least some of the following: Search lists that don t return you to base Word processors that have no concept of leading or settings Graphic programs that produce weird textures but not wood grains, concrete, knits, or glass Financial programs that cannot multiply Help systems that don t employ the conventional terms and offer little real help Developers usually get themselves into such positions because they never consult the people whom the program is supposed to assist before they frame their specifications. The classic defense to such complaints is a) There s nothing wrong with my program, b) I didn t know anybody to ask, or c) I didn t want my idea to be swiped. These really boil down to the fact that the developers didn t know or bother to learn about their market. If you don t know any potential users or buyers, it is all the more essential that you find some. Use your instinct. Take some users into your confidence a little or find a way of questioning them obliquely. This may call for a little ingenuity. Most of the time people will be delighted to help you. If you are developing a program for supermarket checkouts, work with their cashiers for a day. Ask them to tell you their greatest problems and what innovation could help them most. Then repeat the process with the store manager and head office. People empathize with products all the more when they have made a contribution. Successful software is always a team effort.
Geneva Statistical Forecasting, stand-alone software, can batch-process forecasts for thousands of data series, provided the series are all measured in the same time units (days,
Regional Sales Offices
Ultra Wideband Wireless Communication. Edited by Arslan, Chen, and Di Benedetto Copyright # 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Lines 116-139: When the end tag (question) is encountered, the respective flags are reset and the name (variable ) is stored on the database. Lines 147-149: When the end of the XML document is reached , the total number of records are counted and stored in the first recording place of the Palm database.
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