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How much time will the vendor devote to ERP training for end users Describe the UI (user interface)/GUI (graphical user interface) package support and how each will give end users ease of operation. Did the vendor complete any customization at any previously implemented sites (Describe by percentage and modules.) How will the vendor complete report customization Does the software have any built-in programs to handle data conversions Is the front-end application developed using proprietary software Is the customization cost included in the ERP cost Can the vendor give approval for accessing other customers data Does the vendor have any test data built into the software for proper training If any bugs are found in the software during or after implementation, what is the replacement support Is the vendor ready to work with third-party tools and software
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The resource selection process is used to choose resource(s) from the resource list Rselected for a given job. Since all resources in the list Rselected could meet the minimum requirements imposed by the job, an algorithm is needed to choose the best resource(s) to execute the job. Although random selection is a choice, it is not an ideal resource selection policy. The resource selection algorithm should take into account the current state of resources and choose the best one based on a quantitative evaluation. A resource selection algorithm that only takes CPU and RAM into account could be designed as follows: Evaluationresource = EvaluationCPU EvaluationRAM EvaluationCPU + EvaluationRAM WCPU + WRAM CPUspeed = WCPU 1 CPUload CPUmin RAMsize = WRAM 1 RAMusage RAMmin (6.1) (6.2) (6.3)
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The IMS supports the delivery of IP-based multimedia services. It can be accessed not only from the PS Domain, but also from other IP Networks. The services which the IMS provides are not standardized by 3GPP. The underlying idea is that services can be conceived and deployed dynamically, supported by the IMS infrastructure. This chapter presented the basic architecture of the IMS, and introduced the most important network elements. The CSCF is the main control node of the IMS and supports session control, authorization, QoS control and charging. It comes in three varieties, P-CSCF, S-CSCF and I-CSCF. A CSCF collaborates with the central data-base of a UMTS Network, the HSS, which is an IMS-extended HLR. The general approach for the IMS is to adopt IP-based solutions that combine easily with external non-UMTS Networks. This is re ected in particular in the choice of IETF Protocols. The IMS user-plane is a normal Computer Network user-plane. The control-plane also employs
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9 Squashing Bugs at the Source
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During the Middle Ages, kings and their enterprising subjects collided. Kings started granting licenses to people to discover countries, pursue trade, and so on. This was a clever ruse to make sure the king got a cut without having to put up any real money. The money was normally raised by enticing several wealthy subjects to invest in the enterprise (remind you of modern investment methods ). These missions were highly speculative (just think of the number of trips to discover America before Columbus succeeded). To protect themselves and the king from subsequent loss they devised the concept of the corporation (from the Latin corpus for body) or company. The company is a legal body in its own right, just like you or I. It can be sued, taxed, rewarded, and is made liable to the law in just the same way as an individual. We take companies for granted nowadays, but whoever encapsulated the idea originally was a genius. Then came a slight but enormously important refinement: The limited company. Limited companies limited the liability of the investors, so they were prepared to take risk. Legally, they could lose what they invested but no more.
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Level and form assessment: Reading Listening Pronunciation Long term aims: Short term aims: Writing Speaking
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where n i is the number of class i stations. i and pi can be solved numerically.
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PROPOSITIONS IN ENGLISH If John is a management employee, then John manages an organization.
an illiquid asset that has not traded actively in months. In response, the FASB has issued two interpretations. One allows a bank to disregard the price in a forced or distressed sale of an otherwise illiquid asset. The other delineates speci c criteria for when an asset may be considered illiquid and, therefore, valued on cash ow assumptions. Although these rulings were cheered by bankers, they will lead to higher valuations of toxic assets. This will make it even more dif cult for bankers and investors to agree on a fair price for toxic assets. In addition, if bankers value more assets by marking-to-model, rather than marking-to-market, bank shareholders may become even more skeptical about whether toxic assets are being accurately valued. The solution: If bankers value assets using internal models, they should publicly disclose the material assumptions they are employing in these models. In truth, there is no perfect accounting system for nancial institutions. Historical cost accounting tends to mask adverse effects and, therefore, hinder efforts to deal with nancial crises, as demonstrated by the nancial crisis in Japan during the 1990s and the S&L crisis in the United States during the 1980s. Therefore, we should use FMV accounting, with the modi cations for illiquid assets, to produce the most accurate picture of banks for investors. But FMW accounting should not push a bank into insolvency because of short-term market movements. Bank regulators can set capital requirements in a different manner than FMV accounting, as long as those differences are fully disclosed. On the second set of issues addressed by this chapter, the SEC has announced a roadmap for the United States to move from U.S. GAAP to IFRS by 2014, with an early option to adopt IFRS for certain large global U.S. companies. This early option is a bad idea because it would undermine the bargaining power of the United States in resolving the major outstanding issues in moving from U.S. GAAP to IFRS. The IASB and the FASB must address substantive differences between U.S. and international accounting standards, which will take years to reconcile. The IASB must obtain a permanent funding mechanism with an appropriate governance structure. Most importantly, the IASB must gure out how to prevent signi cant national differences in the adoption and application of IFRS, since these differences would undermine the bene ts of one uniform accounting standard across the world.
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