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You'll have to determine your own numbers for how many page views obviated the need for mailing an envelope with glossy paper inside and how many were viewed due to the ease of access to the information. Many people come to your Web site who would never have bothered calling you on the phone and requesting that you send them something. In that case, it's time to come up with a way to measure the value of that interaction.
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Use the Revise Your Item feature if your item has no bids, the auction has more than 12 hours left, and you realize you ve made a mistake. You can change your title, change your description, and even change the price if you need to do so. In Figure 14.3, look at the arrow that points to Revise Your Item. These options will show up only on your screen, because you re signed in as the seller of this item. No one else can see this screen.
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MIS procedures are designed for users to accomplish certain functions. Well-designed procedures guarantee the quality and the security of information processing. Information systems that are implemented on a computer can be classified into five different types: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Transaction processing systems Management reporting systems Decision support systems Office information systems Executive information systems/executive support systems free qr decode
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f you have to sell in large numbers, you are going to have to get help with distribution. Distribution is the means of physically getting your product to the end user. Whether customers obtain your program via an Internet Web site or a local or chain dealer, distribution is the name and means of getting it from you to them. Distribution doesn t create sales. It just gives you the mechanism to deliver them. The profit left after distribution depends on how you go about it. If you take one route, you may end up with less than 10 percent of the purchase price. If you take another, you may hold on to almost all of it. However, you may sell a million by the 10 percent route and only single figures by the 100 percent route. So it is essential that you consider the arithmetic of distribution with an open mind. There s also another not uncommon situation. The obvious route may not alone tip you into profit. You may need a second avenue to strike home. The most advantageous answers sometime come from unexpected combinations. Frequently they start small and grow big. To arrive at the best combination, you need to weigh every option. Now consider your avenue of choices. Distribution historically means packing the goods on a camel, trudging them across Asia, transferring the wares to a ship, sailing across an ocean, loading the goods onto a train, hoisting them onto a cart, and wheeling them across to some central wholesalers who then deliver the product to your friendly neighborhood dealer who sells them across the counter. Every time the product passes from one link in the chain to the next, there s a price hike.
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"The primary role of traditional measurement systems ... is to pull 'good information' up so that senior managers can make 'good decisions' that flow down. To that end, each relatively independent function has its own set of measures, whose main purpose is to inform top managers about its activities." Christopher Meyer, "How the Right Measures Help Teams Excel," Harvard Business Review, May-June 1994 That's the role of traditional measurement systems. Here are Meyer's first two guiding principles and I agree wholeheartedly: 1. The overarching purpose of a measurement system should be to help a team, rather than top managers, gauge its progress. If you work with metrics that help you do your job better, then the results can be rolled up into management reports that will help executives steer the supertanker. When management starts asking for reports that have nothing to do with the team's goals and objectives, things start getting wonky. 2. A truly empowered team must play the lead role in designing its own measurement system. Let upper management set the goals for the company. Each department must set its own goals that will help the corporation move in the right direction. In other words, you should pick up a copy of this book for each Web team you have.
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Figure 14.2 The FCC 28 GHz and 31 GHz band allocations and LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution Service)
Formally announcing job openings through print ads or online postings is expensive and accounts for a large portion of organizations recruiting budgets. Listing positions with external recruiters, a.k.a. headhunters, is also costly in that fees are paid to recruiters when they refer a candidate who ends up being hired, or recruiters might be hired on a retained-fee basis to conduct ongoing searches. So, why advertise Employers advertise openings when they need to fill a position quickly or when they need specific skills and experiences that might be in short supply, hard to find, and are not already represented in candidates whose r sum s are already on file. (Yes, when employers say, We ll keep your r sum on file, many really do mean it, especially now that most are easy to keep digitally in r sum databases.) Employers also advertise positions as a way to have some of the prescreening work done for them. Headhunters, for example, don t just collect r sum s to forward on to the employer (their client), many of them do some initial screening or provide other services in the hiring process that offset the cost of the headhunters fees.
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