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A. I, II, and IV only B. I, II, III, and IV only C. I, II, III, IV, and V D. I, II, IV, and V only 19. Which of the following is not a password control A. Requiring that a password have a minimum length and complexity B. Encrypting passwords when in transit and at rest C. Limiting the reuse of passwords through the use of a history file D. Limiting the number of unique sessions an account can initiate 20. When evaluating strong authentication usage, what should an IS auditor be most concerned with A. Ensuring that the two factors are maintained in separate databases to ensure segregation B. Determining the identification process for each factor and ensuring they are synchronized C. Reviewing the biometric aspects of strong authentication or acceptable type I and type II error rates D. Reviewing the physical controls related to the storage of the physical tokens or card stock supplies 21. During a review of a PKI, the IS auditor determines that nonrepudiation cannot be assured for a set of transactions. This most likely means that A. The certificate authority will not stand behind the validation of the certificate used at the time when the transaction occurred. B. The user s certificate was compromised or was expired when the time the transaction occurred. C. In reviewing the transaction flow and the security related to the use of the certification, it cannot be conclusively proven that no other person could have possibly been responsible for the transaction that had occurred. D. The transaction did not go through as anticipated, causing a roll back of the request and negating the signed transaction.
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The radial functions, fl(kr) and gl(kr), are linear combinations of the spherical Bessel, Neumann, or Hankel functions as appropriate to their location in space. For example, inside the sphere or for a plane wave, we cannot have any component of a Neumann function because the point r = 0 is included in our solution so only the spherical Bessel function jl(kcr) is permitted. We are also reminded from Equations 6.65 and 7.110 in Maxwell s Equations that kc (1 + i)/ and Zc = [(1 i)/ c ] inside a good conducting sphere are complex quantities. Outside the sphere, k2 = /c2 and Z 2 = 2 = 0 2 are real and the point r = 0 is not included so we can, if we choose, write the solution as a linear combination of spherical Hankel functions of the rst and second kind, gl(kr) = A(1) h(1) (kr) + A(2) h(2) (hr). Given their exponential character l l l l as shown in 6.66 when the Hankel functions are multiplied by e i t, we can see that the h(1)(kr) and h(2) (kr) terms in gl(kr) correspond to an outgoing and an incoming l l wave, respectively.
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In the stripped-down version of the java.io package, the number of classes is reduced, but otherwise there is no difference. The methods and the syntax are the same. The classes present in the CLDC version are:
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spending cuts as means of combating inflation and high tax rates. During the 1980 election campaign, Reagan took a completely different tack, preaching tax cuts and low inflation rates while advocating increases in defense spending and limited other spending cuts at the same time. The campaign was the opposite of the Democrats in tone, cheerfully optimistic about the future despite what appeared to be serious contradictions in its economic philosophy. Despite the contradictions, no shortage of Republicans signed on to the new philosophy in hopes of gaining favor at the White House and in Congress. The ideas of John Maynard Keynes were giving way to ideas that had not been tested empirically, although they had been seen in the distant past in a similar, if less sophisticated, form. The Republicans had strong individuals in place to help win the argument. In the House, the strongest supporter of what became known as Reaganomics was Representative Jack Kemp, a Republican from New York. Joining him were Senator William Roth, Republican from Delaware, and a host of converts from more traditional Republican ranks like former Treasury Secretary William Simon. Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Nixon and Ford, also joined the Reagan side. From academic ranks, Arthur Laffer of the University of Southern California became the guru of the Republicans in the early days, preaching what was known as supply side economics. The thrust of supply side arguments was that tax cuts would provide incentives for individuals and businesses to invest. Shifting emphasis from the consumer side of demand to production, it argued that the net after-tax effect on wages was more important than gross wages. Because of inflation, taxpayers had been experiencing bracket creep inflation, meaning that their wages were being subjected to higher taxes as inflation pushed them into higher marginal tax rates. By cutting taxes and putting more money in the hands of investors, the economy would return to a healthy state. But the political side of the argument was equally, if not more, contentious. Supply-siders argued that tax cuts could be accompanied by increases in government spending. Traditionalists
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10.2.1 CSCF
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Exploiting Unix Kernel Vulnerabilities
An electronic document is the electronic counterpart of a paper document. As such, it is a combination of both content (raw information) and presentation instructions. Its content uses natural language in the form of sentences, paragraphs, and pages. In contrast, data fields are atomic name/value pairs processable by a computer and are often captured in forms. Both types of information are widespread in organizations, and both have strengths and weaknesses. A significant strength of XML is that it enables meta data attachment (markup) on both of these data sources. Thus XML, bridges the gap between documents and data to enable them to both participate in a single web of information.
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(as indicated by the red arrows) in proportion to the magnitude of the electric eld at the point z, as shown in Figure 5.42. In Figure 5.42, the ions and electrons experience electric eld intensity in the x-direction that varies harmonically with time. The electric eld intensity wave is assumed to be propagating in the z-direction. The positive ion cores at point z will similarly experience a force in the positive x-direction (as indicated by the blue arrows). The wave is propagating in the zdirection, so the electron cloud and the ions will be oppositely accelerated in accordance with the force and inversely to their mass. The electron cloud density will move in a manner called a transverse plasmon. In Figure 5.42, we have shown the relative forces on ions and electrons for electric eld intensity wavelength in the z-direction, z = 2 /kz = c/f, that is large compared with the separation of the plates that create the external electric eld intensity (i.e., the forces are all about the same magnitude for the volume segment shown). These forces will cause the ions to accelerate in the x-direction and the electron cloud to accelerate in the negative x-direction so that they produce an electronic displacement, as shown in Figure 5.43. Here, we have shown the displacement of the electrons to be much larger than the displacement of the ion cores because their mass is so much smaller. Because the negative conduction electron cloud is displaced by an amount, x, it (and the
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