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13.3 Flows Statistics
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Document Revision number (1998) Document title Contents Pages
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The traf c equations of the horizontal and vertical handoff rates can be solved using an iterative algorithm on repeated substitutions until convergence is achieved [6]. This is similar to those algorithms for nding the handoff rates in 5.
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Before you begin to understand the concepts, you must be able to speak the language. You will need to know a few definitions, or terms, that are part of the vernacular of security researchers so that you can better apply the concepts in this book: Vulnerability (n.): A flaw in a system s security that can lead to an attacker utilizing the system in a manner other than the designer intended. This can include impacting the availability of the system, elevating access privileges to an unintended level, complete control of the system by an unauthorized party, and many other possibilities. Also known as a security hole or security bug. Exploit (v.): To take advantage of a vulnerability so that the target system reacts in a manner other than which the designer intended. Exploit (n.): The tool, set of instructions, or code that is used to take advantage of a vulnerability. Also known as a Proof of Concept (POC). 0day (n.): An exploit for a vulnerability that has not been publicly disclosed. Sometimes used to refer to the vulnerability itself. Fuzzer (n.): A tool or application that attempts all, or a wide range of, unexpected input values to a system. The purpose of a fuzzer is to determine whether a bug exists in the system, which could later be exploited without having to fully know the target system s internal functioning.
Vocabulary errors
Likewise, integers can be represented in many formats and endians, and SPIKE contains routines to transform them into whatever your protocol needs.
Step 1: Know Your Audience
Watch Out!
The connect, runtask, report and checkadd functions would all need to be modified to use the appropriate Oracle functions:
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