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After the students take a good overview of the text it s time for a closer look at the details. This is called scanning. Students can t spend as much time as they want analysing every word in the text but they do have more time than the skimming stage. They now read to find specific, not general, information. A typical comprehension exercise involves scanning, whether it involves true or false questions, multiple choice or filling in missing words. It s more fun if students read different texts in groups and write their own comprehension questions to test their classmates.
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A keyword search is what most shoppers use to find items to bid on. There is a search field on every eBay page; you simply type your keywords into that field and hit the Search button located next to or underneath it in order to perform a search. For
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13: Security and Your Home Server
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Manual Process/ Potential EAI Integration
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Nodal variables: Frontal variables: Environmental variables:
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present, most countries have actual tariffs at much lower levels than their legal commitments under the WTO. Therefore, countries like India and Russia can raise their tariffs signi cantly without violating their WTO commitments. If the G20 countries took the lead in legally binding their actual tariff levels, this would put some real clout behind their eloquent statements against protectionism. Similarly, most countries have higher actual levels of market access and national treatment for foreigners than their WTO commitments. These actual levels should be made into binding commitments so they can be enforced under WTO rules.
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Sample Questions
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kernel. You ll get Windows NT for both Windows NT and Windows 2000. To find out the version number and additional version information, take a look at 10.
These relations can be used to calculate the relevant intercept points given a single measured (or simulated) IM value and the input or output power level. Equivalently, given the intercept points and the power level, the relevant IM value can easily be calculated. In a frequency-translating receiver circuit (a receiver that includes a mixer in the lineup), the IM3 components that are of interest would fall at the following frequencies: 2f1 f2 fLO and 2f2 f1 fLO. In a frequency-translating receiver circuit (a receiver that includes a mixer in the lineup), the IM2 components that are of interest would fall at the following frequencies: f1 f2 and f2 f1.53 It is interesting to note that these components would only be of interest in a directconversion receiver and can easily be rejected by a filter in other receiver architectures. Even in a direct-conversion receiver, given a perfectly differential mixer (but a nonlinear front end), the even-order harmonics will be rejected. In reality, however, due to imperfections in the layout and the manufacturing process, a finite amount of IM2 components will be generated. Most standards, including the 802.11 standard, do not specify any IP3 or IP2 (or IM3 or IM2) requirements. Instead they often specify two quantities: 1. The maximum level of desired signal the receiver needs to be able to handle. 2. The maximum level of interference signal the receiver is required to be able to handle while receiving a weak desired signal. Often, this requirement is specified in such a way that in the presence of an interferer the receiver should be able to perform at no worse than 3 dB above the sensitivity level (while no interference is present). The definition of an interferer varies from standard to standard. In the case of 802.11a/g the receiver is required to be able to receive a maximum desired signal level (at the antenna) of at least 30 dBm for all the modulation types with a PER of no more than 10% for 1000-byte packets. Clearly, a typical practical receiver would provide a higher maximum re53 An IM2 component at f1 + f2 2fLO can also be generated. Since the amplitude of 2fLO is normally small, this IM2 component is typically negligible.
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